What's all this crap with the diving gear about?

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Two shows of people wearing oil barrels on their heads standing still at the same depth in an aquarium in a race to open a tiny box with a key? Come on! The competition in both shows came down to the divers' manual dexterity, not the design or build quality of the underwater breathing contraptions. The way the competition was set up, a contestant with good hands using one of these bodged-together pieces of junk could have won easily against a fumbler wearing the latest high-tech SCUBA gear. These shows made about as much sense as having the teams build cars to drive to a soccer field and then judging the winning team as the one that scored the most goals in a soccer match. Why bother building the cars?

Anyway, where's the danger? Where are the loud, smoke-belching, anti-freeze-leaking V-8 engines and hydraulically-activated demolition jaws? I want to see something large and pointy hurled at a target, preferably by means of some sort of explosive, not this. What's next? An underwater game of checkers? Continue along this path and you better watch your back, JYW producers! If the people working on "Panic Mechanics" ever decide to drop that pointless two-driver car obstacle course from their show, JYW could be in for a serious challenge.

-- Dalton (Dalton1962@hotmail.com), May 02, 2002


i agre.

-- kevin (KingBob5@hotmail.com), October 29, 2002.

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