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do i need a video capture card to download images off my digital 8 camcorder. and how do i find out if i have one. I bought a new pent 4 but cant download my images to edit.

-- Robert Mori (, May 01, 2002


If your D8 camcorder has a legitimate snapshot mode and has a USB output you connect that to the like input on the PC, install the s/w that came with it for downloading these images from the camcorder,and away u go. If your D8 doesn't have USB and/or there is no separate still snapshot mode you will necessarily have to install a FireWire card on the PC, connect the FireWire (iLink) of the camcorder to that with a separately bought FireWire cable, install a NLE/capture program, and figure out how u can extract snapshots off the timeline. I said all these because I take it when u say images u mean still picture shots that will wind up most likely in *.jpg format (as opposed to saying images and meaning and pertaining to DV AVI, which brings us to the true-blooded NLE core of things).

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 02, 2002.

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