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My AE-1 camera used a 6.2v Maxell battery. Can't find these. What can i substitute.........a L544, PX28L??? Can't find a battery showing 6.2 volts, everything shows a 6 volt

-- don merwede (, April 29, 2002


Don, The manual for an AE-1 calls for either a 6V silver oxide or a 6V alkaline-manganese battery.

-- Kirby Chilton (, May 01, 2002.


Because of the electronic nature of the AE-1, the 0.2 volt difference shouldn't have an effect on the operation of the camera or light meter-- unlike the F-1 or the other mostly mechanical cameras that rely on a constant voltage for proper light meter operation.

Although I could be wrong.

HTH, Joe T.

-- Joseph Tomkiewicz (, May 02, 2002.

I sent this response to Don directly earlier, as the board was down (or at least, I couldn't reach it...):

For the AE-1, any 6(ish) volt battery of the right size should be fine. I've used silver oxide and lithium. The precise voltage isn't too important as there are voltage regulators internally. I would use silver oxide or lithium over alkaline, as you will probably get better life out of it - typically mine run on and on until I try night photography; long exposures at low temperatures use lots of juice!

FYI, the manual recommends "Eveready No. 544" "JIS 4G13", "Mallory PX 28" or "Eveready no. 537". These are all described as "6V".

L544 and PX28L are likely lithium versions of the above, which should be fine.

Alternatively, I found the following link to the "V28PX 6.2v Silver oxide cell", which is probably exactly what you are looking for?

There are alkaline and lithium versions on the page too for comparison.

This is a US link, which is where you are I assume (I'm UK as it happens)? A google search for px28 should bring up more matches.

Hope this helps,


-- Roger Broadbent (, May 02, 2002.

I use the PX23L in my A-1. I believe it will work in the AE-1 as well.

-- Scott D. (, May 03, 2002.

I use the PX28L in my A-1. I believe it will work in the AE-1 as well.

-- Scott D. (, May 03, 2002.

in addition to the duracell listed by others I have found the EXELLS28PX silver oxide battery to be great. It works in my AE1, and my AV1.

-- jeepster (, May 17, 2002.

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