Who's "Irene of the destinies"? Why did Poe rewrite the sleeper?

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Hi, I need informations about "Irene of the destinies" mentioned in Poe's "the sleeper". who was she? why did Poe choose her? Any additional inmformations? Why did Poe change the title and rewrite the poem? Thanks a lot for your help! Greetings Lars

If you have mor informations about the sleeper, of any criticism about thazt poem, I should be very thankful

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2002


A little netsurfing research of my own found an obious complete Irene of the destinies in a Byzantine saint. Poe uses Byzantine allusions other times though sparsely(Porphyrogene- referring to an Emperor). Her legend fits very well with some of the meaning of the poem as do several other romantic poems on the familiar Sleeping Beauty fairy tale model. A lesser poem "Edderline's Dream" by John Wilson has many similarities especially with the fitful dream surrounding the innocent sleep. Irene means Peace which fits very well with the mood of the poem which is more important in itself and in Poe's unique vision than any allusions.How this poem is another variation of the ideal woman, memory, death, horror-peace, tensions in stasis can be best worked out by looking at other poems. As with Ligeia Poe felt this was closer to the ideal than other of this more recognized works like the Raven and major tales.

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2002

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