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Are there any AME Churches in Uganda?

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2002


Cyril your question is very important to me. I am a South African and I pastored in South Africa and I have visited many ame churches in the SUb -sahara region unfortunately ,I have never heared of the AME Church in Uganda or met any pastor or member from Uganda.I looked in the AME book of Discipline under the section that deals with conferences and their boundries but nothing is mentioned about Uganda.I am convinced that the ame church does not exist in Uganda.I think , I could have heared of one by me the ame church is not yet Established in Uganda and this is my concern. I am presently in Austin,Texas going to school and I have met ministers of other denominations in Uganda and They are not aware of The denomination called AME. I think it is about time that the leadership of the church consider to plant churches in Uganda.We are looking forward for elections of (indigenous) Bishops from Africa in the forthcoming (2004) general conference and I hope those who will be put in office should address this matter. I have read most of our African candidates platforms but they say nothing so far about church planting in area like Uganda. We need to have the Ame Church in Uganda.Our church has the responsibility to minister to the sick and the destitute in Uganda.This is a serious matter. If there is anyone who knows that there are ame denominations in Uganda, I will be glad to hear from him or her and I withdraw my statements in advaance if I have been ignorant captured about the church in Uganda.God bless you and thank you very much for asking this question.

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2002

If you have information about platforms from the candidates that are in cyberspace, a URL would be appreciated.

-- Anonymous, July 10, 2002

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