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Where do you go to get coupons,refunds and samples off the net?? The ones I'm finding are not all that good. Will be moving into the new home in the next month so gotta save like crazy!!! Thanks

-- Sandy(N.E.Fl) (, April 28, 2002


problem I had with,, and the like,, was never anything I needed/wanted/used,,,, "USED" to have coupons,, you ordered, then they mailed them to you,, free,, but they stopped that. Have seen some sites, but they are pay sites,,but I'm not going to pay for a service, unless I know its something worth it. ANyone else have a place to look?

-- Stan (, April 28, 2002.

Hi Sandy, I'm glad your moving to your new home,Congrats!! If you enter the name of your grocery store, most stores have coupons on the net. I just went to our Safeway-Vons site and they also give the weekly specials without getting the paper. I think making lists can be a really big money saver, if you do get ads write down the sale items you want to get, so easy to forget when you go to town. If you don't have time to get a garden in this year, go to the farmer markets.

-- Jo (, April 28, 2002.

I have been using You only get a dime or so off at the register but they put a dollar in an account for you that draws a pretty good interest. Same coupons over and over but I have got about twenty bucks in the account. When I get around to it, I am going to see how long it takes to get a check from them.

-- Tana Mc (, April 28, 2002.

We don't buy many things using coupons, so we give our coupons from the paper to a friend. Also, be mindful that when using those services, you are setting yourself up for beaucoup junk snail mail and probably spam as well.

We found that it was cheaper to watch sales and buy store or generic brands when possible (just my $0.02).

-- GT (, April 29, 2002.

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