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Thanks for the responses to my questions regarding A Eastman Commercial View 8x10.

I am assuming that Kodak made a specific reducing back for this camera, but i want to enlarge the potential pool of possibilities as it may take sometime to locate a Commercial View back.

Question: Does anyone know if other Kodak 4x5 reducing backs (wood D2, Master View etc) could be modified to fit this camera, or of someone that may have knowledge in this area. I have recently took the camera into the field and it was a great purchase. Light, stable and with all the movements needed. I will be adding a front tilt modification after finding out this was a common practice for those who used the camera including Ansel Adams.

-- James Chinn (, April 28, 2002


Try Stephen Shuart in Kane Pa. He specializes in older American large- format stuff, and does custom work too.

-- Mark Sampson (, April 29, 2002.

James, FWIW, any back that fits your camera can be modified to be a reducing back to 4x5. Heres how its done: Take a back 8x10 or 5x7, remove the gg, springs and frame that hold the DCFH in place(you won't need them so if you find a back thats missing these parts so much the better and cheaper too. Get a nice oversized piece of wood that will cover up the 8x10 hole and install a 4x5 back (any 4x5 back) in the center---you'll have to cut a 4x5 hole of course---with glue and screws. Attach that assembly to the stripped back with glue and screws and paint the wood that goes inside the camera flat black (black blackboard paint works fine) and you've got your reducing back! Good Luck!

-- John Kasaian (, May 02, 2002.

The outside of my wooden Eastman 2D back measures just a little over 11 1/2" square. The pins on the edge of the back measure 10 5/16" on-center. This should give you an idea if a 2D back will fit your camera. I can send additional measurements if you need them. I was lucky enough to find a 6X6 "front-tilt adapter lensboard" at a camera swap meet last weekend, so I now have front tilt for my 2D. If you can find one of these, it is probably the easiest way to add front tilt. I can email you a picture of this adapter if you have never seen one. Do you happen to know the weight of your Commercial? I'm curious how it compares with the 2D (mine weighs 10 3/4 pounds without lensboard or rear extension track).

-- Leonard Robertson (, May 02, 2002.

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