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looking for anew eos is eos 30 a better buy than eos 5 or is the 300 a good choice

-- iain maclean (, April 28, 2002


I can't comment on the eos 5, but I had an eos300, and then up-graded to an eos30. The 30 is a much nicer camera, although it is more expensive( about twice the price). The 30 allows much more creativity because you can use more manual set-ups, eg. set the metering mode, set the type of autofocus - one shot or servo. Also the 30 is much quieter and it has eye control - which I find brilliant. It all depends on your budget of course, but I hope this has helped.

-- Sarah Needham (, April 28, 2002.

The EOS 5 is a very old model now, having been introduced 10 years ago, in 1992. The eye control is slow and only works horizontally, the body creaks and flexes (when using heavy lenses), harking back to a time when cameras were not as well made as today.

But that's to ignore the EOS 5's good points, which are very capable AF, superb metering, amazingly quiet operation, good ergonomics, and the best built-in flash the world has seen (three position zoom, GN17).

Personally, I'd look to the EOS 30 though, for much more up to date features. The Eye control on the EOS 5 was too slow to be any use to me (I use it on my EOS 3 now), E-TTL gives you much better flash metering, the construction of the EOS 30 is more rugged, etc

The EOS 300 is a little basic really. I started on one of the ancestors to the 300 (the EOS 1000FN), but if you start to take photography at all seriously, it will be constraining.

-- Isaac Sibson (, April 28, 2002.

But the nice thing about the Canon system is the glass. The EOS 30 or the outdated EOS 50 and EOS 300 can use every EOS lens made. So can my old EOS 1000FN, but it works better after modification ;-)

-- Julian Loke (, April 28, 2002.

The EOS 30 is a better buy if you are interested in being in photography for the long haul. The camera is solidly built, with plenty of pro features. It's easier to change the metering modes here than on the 300. The camera 30 is a little heavier, so it will feel balanced if you are using a long lens.

There are lots of positive posts in this forum about the EOS 30 (which is also called an Elan 7).

-- Preston Merchant (, April 28, 2002.

Everything is the best choice in that price range. A Nikon or Minolta is worth its price as is Canon. If the following equation is satisfied, you get best out of you. The equation is...

$$$$ = the best choice

If you can afford, go for the best. Among the bodies you mentioned, I would recomment EOS 30/Elan 7e. I won't give the reason, since it has already be mentioned by many in reply to this question as well as elsewhere on this forum.

Get anything you can afford and enjoy shooting.

-- sajeev (, May 05, 2002.

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