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An announcement here: Photographer Joe Holmes just informed that he has put some portfolios on his website. It's a preview version of his site, but the images are compelling.

Joseph Holmes

in case my html does not work:

-- Paul Schilliger (, April 28, 2002


Thanks for the link, Paul. It's a stunning aray of work. I confess to never having heard of him, but after seeing his work, I will damn sure remember his name now.

-- Ted Kaufman (, April 28, 2002.

"Winter Sunrise, Mono Lake" was worth the trip in itself. Very nice work.

-- Jim Galli (, April 29, 2002.

Yes Ted, Joe is a secret man by some standards, but he is well known as a photographer and also in the color management world as a computer techniques developper. You can find his name related as a contributor to some applications such as Live Picture, Color Blind, Profile City, Lysonic etc. He is also the creator of a nice set of profiles made for the LightJet outputs called Ektaspace Joe Holmes and the free version Ektaspace PS5 (might ring some bells!) By the way, those who have purchased Ektaspace profiles from him should mail him to receive an updated version compatible with Photoshop 7.

Here are some short reviews:

Joseph Holmes Weston Gallery

-- Paul Schilliger (, April 29, 2002.

Paul thanks for pointing out Joseph's site, beautiful work.

-- Adam Gibbs (, May 01, 2002.

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