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How did he die? did he kill himself or did he die from a sickness?

-- Anonymous, April 27, 2002


No one knows how he really died it is a mystery. The story is that his friend wanted him to come to a voting both with him, which was in a Saloon. The next day all they found was Edgar Allen Poe's body lying in the Saloon dead.

-- Anonymous, April 27, 2002

Hi Candyce,

If you're really interested, the book "Midnight Dreary, The Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe" by John Evangelist Walsh is a great book trying to explain the mystery.

Cheers, Lynn

-- Anonymous, April 27, 2002

A good report on Speculation as to how Poe got a clothes change and eneded up in a saloon delirious is because of the local election press gangs("cooping").

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2002

On October 3, 1849, an election day, Poe was found deliriously ill, lying half-conscious in the street outside of a polling place and a few yards away from a tavern. Whether Poe was drunk or not has never been conclusively determined. He was taken to a local hospital, still in a delirious state and calling for a polar explorer of the day named Reynolds. He uttered his final words and epitaph, "Lord help my poor soul," on October 7, 1849, and was buried the next day in Baltimore's Presbyterian Cemetery.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002

I think that Poe was killed by rabies. It was known that Poe loved cats and had many of them; he could have been bitten by one of his rabid cats.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2002

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