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I am the great granddaughter of Rev. Jno. J. Morant. I wanted to share a special story with you. The other day, my 90-year cousin's caretaker was in the process of throwing some books out. One book out of many fell on the floor. She picked up the book and it was entitled "Christian Basic Training" by Rev. John J. Morant. She was so excited because she knew that I would be interested. It was just a year ago when I began my genealogy research and I located my 90-year old cousin with the help of an AME Minister in Greenville, MS. The book was dedicated to my grandmother: Christa Morant Matthews whom passed at the young age of 27. In the contents of the book was an Apostrophe to Richard Allen written by Christa Morant Matthews, deceased daughter of Rev. Jno. J. Morant. The day that book fell, was truly a blessing! Also in the book was an original program of the Dedication Service of the Disney Chapel AME Church located at 1019 Sidney Street, Greenville, Miss. dated Sunday, September 20, 1942 at 3:00 p.m.

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2002

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