1.4X APO Teleconverter for 280mm f2.8 only?

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Is there any reason this teleconverter won't work on any R lens that is designed to take the current converter? It is labeled "for 280mm f2.8 only". Perhaps when it came out this was the only lens it would fit without damage but now there are others such as the 400mm f4 modular.

-- Terry Dent (dentkimterry@cs.com), April 26, 2002


1.4xAPO converters are labelled differently depending on when they were made, you are correct. I had 2, one that said "280/2.8APO", and the other which I still own, says 280 as well as 400/2.8APO. I have neither of these lenses, but I used it on a 280/4APO (which I have since sold), and currently use it on the 400/6.8 (a Viso-mount model with 14167 R adaptor), the 180/2.8 (non-APO), and the current 60/2.8 Macro (placed *behind* a Macro-Adaptor-R, which allows for the protruding element).

-- Jay (infinitydt@aol.com), April 26, 2002.

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