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I'd like to trade the items below for an Canon FL mount body in working order. I'd prefer an FX but an FP, FT or exceptional TL will do(or what else do you got?). Pictues upon request.

Canon 50mm f1.8 FL mount lens. Suffered a minor impact to the filter ring; but can still mount filter. Does have what looks like part of a small insect ahead of the apeture blades. that may have died in there along the way. Can send photo which illustrates.

Soligor, Wide Angle 28mm f2.8 FD Mount. With filter and lens cap (no rear cap).

Canon T50 body only. Fires the shutter BUT DOES NOT ADJUST shutter speed. ALSO THE FILM AUTO ADVANCE DOES NOT WORK and Film rewind knob is Gone! Good for parts.

Thanks, Chris

-- ive potter (, April 25, 2002

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