What is the relation of Poe and Hitchcock

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I would like to know how Poe and Hitchcock are related?!!! What books can I use to see similar things between both!!! Please help meeee

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2002


Both pioneered popular contributions to the magazine business. Mystery. Cultivated persona. Artistry just as important and often more so than a conventional resolved(The Birds). Mood, suspense building the almost supernatural elements of fear and dread. Hitchcock was the superior businessman but Poe was the consummate verbal artist whose pschology and philosophy invented the modern mystery genre. They both had a dark romantic female ideal. Hitchcock is by reputation the harasser, Poe the Platonist. Hitchcock preferred blondes with eyes of ice, Poe, brunettes with violet eyes. Both had a dark sense of macabre humor, at which Hitchcock was more cruelly successful, Poe often too crude by today's standards. But in wit Poe was more intelligent and the gentleman. Both liked conumdrums, vast dreamy landscapes as awesome backdrops for intense emotional climaxes. Both choose tormented, intelligent, quirky, persecuted heros using reason to defeat shadowy, malevolent forces. Both try in fact to limit onstage gore and violence as well as reducing supernatural elements to suggestivity and emotional misperceptions(Rebecca). Both like the reduced palette with sharp, gothic contasts and intense symbolism. Etc. etc.

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2002

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