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Pardon me for being a klutz, but I cannot see how to do this. I just acquired a Quickchange holder and a cartridge of Provia from Jeff Taugner at Badger. I've played with it for a couple of hours, "shot" all the film, and am now trying to open the spent film cartridge. I'd like to reload this thing with HP5+. I read Stuart Whatling's informative post: here, but still cannot get the cassette open. I've reset the film counter to 1, but for some reason I cannot see how to unlock it.

Does anybody know where there might be a photo of just where to press to unlock this cartridge?

Thanks much,

-- Kent Phelan (, April 24, 2002


Hi, you can e-mail Matt of ( for some photos instructions. They are of great help.


-- NG Sai Kit (, April 24, 2002.

My method is to hold the cart in my right hand with end that opens (opposite the counter) pointing to the left with the dark slide facing up (film label down). Then with my first and fourth fingers of my left hand, I push down on the two tiny sliding catches on the end while push off the end with a right finger or two. The sliding buttons move very little but the end cap will just pop right off. Then pull the dark slide carefully and the film septums (septi?) will spring up.

-- John Hennessy (, April 24, 2002.

Thanks John! That did it.

-- Kent Phelan (, April 25, 2002.


another easy way to open the cartridge is to first reset the counter and then to reopen the darkslide in the holder. When the darkslide is (partly) open, simply open the holder and remove the now open cartridge.


-- Thilo Schmid (, May 05, 2002.

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