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I know DIVX were out and didn't become popular. why do i hear so much talk about them. please ease my curiosity

-- Daniel b. (BONL1@CS.COM), April 24, 2002


The DIVX DVD (player and discs) you talked about was a product of Circuit City. This product has been discontinued shortly after its beginning.

The Divx (note lower case letters here) CDs that people talk in this forum is a totally different thing. Divx is one compression format similar to MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Indio, RealVideo, MJPEG, etc... Sometimes it's called MPEG-4 !!!

A video compressed in this MPEG-4 format is called a Divx video (or movie). You can fit 90 mins of video on a single 700MB CD-R easily.

Currently, only the PC (with a Divx decoder software installed) can play Divx movies file. No DVD players can play them, including the defunct Circuit City's DIVX player.

-- ktnwin (, April 24, 2002.

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