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I am the Pastor of Vinton Anderson AME Church in Eerste River, Cape Town - Fifteenth Episcopal District for the past five years. On my arrival, I found 232 member on the Church roll and 40 members in the Church. Today I can proudly say, that by the help of the Lord, we grown to almost 600 members! I financial turn-over per annum has growm from R83 000.00 to R247 000.00! Our ministries at the Church has grown tremendously and I am seeing over 600 faces every week in Wporship Services, Cottage Prayer meetings, Bible Study (Men and Women on different Saturday mornings), Health Forum, Socio-Economic Development and Support, Welfare and Missions, Five Choirs, Youth and all other Auxiliaries e.g. WMS, YPD, Lay Organization, ACF, Sunday School. We are also having a Praise and Worship Team as well as Prayer Team. We are busy re-constructing the Church at an enormous costs and raise funds ourselves. This reconstruction are estimated at R 1 200 000.00. We are busy since September 02, 2000 and has completed approximately 60% of the project.

I am mentioning all of this praising God for his mercies and blessings bestowed upon us, to bring to my question.

I am also a National Track and Field Athletics Coach (holding a Level II International Lecturer's Diploma) for my Country. I was selected, for the first time, in 2001 to accompany the National Team to Edmonton, Canada and there-after the South African Students to their World Student Games in Beijing, China. All of a sudden, there are fellow bretheren of the cloth,who have a problem with my involvement in sport. They go so far as to try and influence my church members negatively.

This has landed on the table of the Episcopal Headquarters!

In the light of our accomplishments, do anybody think that it is wrong to be involved? Should I withdraw from the sport?

God Bless You

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2002


Rev. Legolie -

Please continue to make a difference, both on the Lord's field and the sports field. Every minister needs an outlet, and yours is sports. It seems you have a good balance and are doing well in whatever you are doing. That's what our Lord requires!!!!

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2002

Dear Pastor Legolie

You might not remember me any more, anyhow for years you have been a rolmodel for me any and many other young men/women in the church. I made many 'friends' and FRIENDS in my life, all i know is when you know where you going, people wants you not to succeed. Ordinary church people is talking good about you in the Cape Annual Conference.

To me ministry is not about to be the pastor in the local church but to be a minister on the sportsfield as well and everywhere else. And if you know by heart that God has gave you the talent to coach people on the sports field then there you should be.

Do what ever you do, which satisfy God and not people. Cause the reason why you minister is not to please people but to please God. Forget about what people say or think about you BUT be causes, and try to please God, cause if you realy please God the people will be satisfied as well.

Don't give up on your dream, go on with what you have started with, teach, coach, preach, motivate, inspire but most of all WORHSIP and PRAISE God from whom ALL your blessings flow. I Pray for you my brother.


Jerome Vergotine

NB. Don't give up you talents God will not be satisfied, cause He gave that talent to you to use it.

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2002

To All Who Responded and those who have chosen to support me unsayingly.

I am sorry for my late response (28/04/2002)- I have been to one one of our rural P.E. Districts with my Church's Mission and Welfare Committee. We have traveled over 1 200 kilometers to do MISSIONARY WORK amongst the economically and socially disadvantage communities and we have assisted our churches financially as well.

I want top thank YOU ALL for the positive response and words of well- wishes. I want to assure everybody, that I am trying very hard not to disappoint the Lord. I ave had this wonderful opportunity to Preach TWICE in BEIJING, CHINA. I was also invited by the Minister's Fraternal in Beijing to preach for them, but due to my travel arrangements, I could not.

Bro. Jerome, I have not forgot you!

Please pray for me as I will always be praying for everybody and all our Churches.

God Bless You.

William C Legolie, II


I hope to see some of you at the Connectional Christian Education Congress in Charlotte, NC.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2002

Rev. Legolie it is good to see you posting again. I think it is wonderful that you are involved in sports. Go for it!! It is wonderful to hear how you went to China to preach. How was that arranged and how did they respond to you?

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2002

Rev Legolie,

I agree that ministers need an outlet, and i hope you enjoy yours to the fullest. I would love to see you being part of an AMEC summer olympics (Bro Dickens' question), or at least a sport council in the 15th district.

God bless you in your ministry.

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2002

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