Tuan's large format page: did I miss something?

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I can't access the main LF page at Berkeley. Has there been a change that I am not aware of?

-- Paul Schilliger (pschilliger@smile.ch), April 24, 2002


It moved. It is now at http://www.ai.sri.com/~luong/photography/lf/ ".

-- Jennifer Waak (jen.waak@visi.com), April 24, 2002.

Thanks Jennifer! (I have followed loosly!)

Dear Tuan, the above "publisher" link is leading to the old address. Thanks a lot.

-- Paul Schilliger (pschilliger@smile.ch), April 24, 2002.

Seems that the move to the new host is (allmost) complete. No more links that point to the old www.cs.berkley server. Content is available on the new host.

-- Huib Smeets (hsmeets@plex.nl), April 24, 2002.

The moving of the LF page started me to wondering what is the current status of this forum. According to most predictions during the winter we should of been thrown out by now.


-- Ron McElroy (rnrmcelroy@aol.com), April 24, 2002.

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