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Re.: Free Workshops A week or so ago I posted the idea of getting together on a regular basis with other large format photographers and perhaps organize "Free Workshops" - no tuition - come on over - learn from each other - while you have a great time - kind of a thing...

I got a lot of responses from large format photographers from Southern and Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, New York, Colorado, Idaho, etc...(and from Italy, and Mexico too...)

There seems to be a mix of interests:

Most of the people in Southern Cal. would like to meet on an ongoing basis - perhaps once every other month, whereas the people who are further away prefer the big "once-a-year" event.

Therefore I suggest that we do both! For starters, how about meeting in Joshusa Tree National Monument on a weekend in the beginning of May. OK, it will be hot, but it could still be a great way to get together, meet, chat, shoot a few shoots AND the breeze, plus plan a larger event to take place in the fall, perhaps in October - somewhere in California, Northern Arizona or...???. For the longer workshop I personally think it would be interesting and a great learning experience to be able to view each other's prints. For a short workshop like in Joshua Tree it may be better just to bring ourselves, plenty of cold drinks, food and film...

Let me know what you think and if you are interested... (If you are interested but have not responded email me know so you can get on the distribution list...)

Best regards,

Per Volquartz

-- Per Volquartz (, April 23, 2002



We're Californians transplanted to southwestern Pennsylvania but we hope in future years to spend more time on the west coast--and with our LF gear. So, just in case our plans happen to coincide sometime with those of the group, please add our names to your distribution list.

Thanks, Nick and Marilyn Jones

-- Nicholas F. Jones (, April 28, 2002.

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