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We are an owner of a 7 week old pit. I want to have this dog obedience trained to ensure that along with our socialization and love that he will be a lovable & "people" dog. How soon should we get him trained? Also, will cropping his ears make him mean? How soon should this be done (if desired) - no later than when?

-- Deidre Rich (, April 23, 2002


Sorry I'm contributing an answer so late! I'm sure you've probably started training already which is fantastic! I'm the owner of a very loveable Pit Bull, and I think training is crucial for these dogs. We will probably always see people cross the street or grab their children when we walk by with our dogs, but if your dog is exceptionally well-behaved, as mine is, it makes people think twice. There are puppy classes out there, and I think it's a great idea for a breed that's prone to dog on dog aggression. If he's properly socialized early on, he could make a wonderful ambassador for the breed.

As far as ear cropping is concerned, I hope you haven't done this already. If you haven't, please don't!!! There is no good reason for this. It's an extremely painful and cruel procedure, and they can be prone to all kinds of ear infections and such later in life. It also makes the dog look meaner, which causes a lot of headaches for you.

I hope this info helped. I know a great deal about the breed, so just let me know if you have any other questions!


-- Kelly (, August 01, 2002.

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