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hey im having trouble interperting this poem does anyone have any insite or sites i couold go to????? please hurry


-- Anonymous, April 23, 2002


As with "The valley of Unrest" the clear explanation of the setting and its story meaning have been subordinated to a shadowy dream landscape event. The stillness and then the shudddering disruption that dissolves entropy into chaos, the very unnerving verge of climax so often used in his stories of excruciating suspence and escalation. The sea itself could very well be the Dead Sea from a travelogue Poe was reviewing and using in his novel Pym as well for the mood of an ancient curse and consummated doom. As in other haunted places(palaces, bell towers, etc)the city may resemble the untenanted five cities of Lot that the traveller might perceive in the still waters of this strange sea. Finally, the ultimate particular doom of the city is accomplished. Death upon its other corpses like a vulture does reverence for the last melancholy act.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2002

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