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Ok folks, I took the advice and got the right adapter to use my viso/novoflex lenses on my R3 body (14167 WITH null Lug) However, on auto, the shutter speed seems to vary but doesn't tally with the needle indicator. Do I suppose the speed is correct but my meter needle is infact what is wrong! or is it that when on auto, the needle indicator is spurious.

I'm about to take delivery of an R4 that I know has an accurate meter so maybe I'll wait and try this combo on it.

any advice??

anyone want to buy a 14127 leicaflex to M adaptor (with aperture simulator)...not much use to me now!

thanks in advance


-- John Tobias (, April 23, 2002


If I remember the R3 on auto, there is a vertical strip with shutter speeds and a needle that travels up and down pointing at whatever shutter speed the camera has chosen at the moment. How are you determining the shutter speeds don't "tally" with the readout?

-- Jay (, April 23, 2002.

John: Forget what the meter says and shoot some chrome. Look at the frames and then see if the meter is doing what it should. Compare the readings to a known meter that you trust and see if you can find a reasonable expanation.

-- Mark J. (, April 23, 2002.

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