Taking the Land

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Finally in this series, we need to actually take the land. When the Lord says "go", we need to take the first step of obedience.

After 40 years of wandering the day had finally arrived. God's instructions to conquer the first obstacle were to carry the Ark into the Jordan River, and the waters would split in half. Now picture yourself as a Levite that day with the Ark on your shoulder. You're approaching the river, and the waters are still rushing undisturbed. Getting closer, still no split. Now you're starting to think of how the current will sweep you off your feet, and here you are trying to carry a heavy chest of acacia wood and gold.

Finally you're at the bank, and nothing has changed with the waters. Only when you actually step in do the waters part. I wonder if those priests didn't enter that water with their eyes closed, holding their breath?

Has it ever been this way with you? God has given you instructions and told you to proceed with a first step, but the impossible situation hasn't changed. Did you waiver? Did you sit and wait for God to part the water before taking that first step? What God may demand of us is the step of faith. It's like He says, "You go first." We need faith in those times. We need to trust, and we need courage.

How do we get to the point where we can trust God in this way without waivering? It comes from having had experiences with God that let you know His character. You can recall other times where He brought victory, and you know He'll do it again. You can recall other smaller steps of faith you took that God rewarded. Each step of faith will be bigger. The trust level will be greater. God will stretch your trust just a little more each time. That dear friends is how spiritual giants are made.

So they crossed the Jordan. What's next? Jericho and those big walls. Time to learn and trust some more. Time to conquer and to build a nation one step at a time. Isn't that what God has called us to do? Conquer the enemy and build His Kingdom one step of faith at a time? My pastor says, "Our God is a faith God, who has made a faith covenant with a faith people."

Here are your steps to possessing the promise. 1. Identify the promise. What has God spoken to you that you have yet to possess? Some are promises to all of His children spelled out in the Bible. Others are specific to you or your church.

2. Explore the problem. What stands in the way, and what is its source? Is satan the source? Are you? Now ask God for instructions on how to proceed, and ignore (better yet rebuke) those evil reports.

3. Speak the promise. See those things that aren't as though they are, and prove your faith with your speech even if your flesh doesn't feel it. See it in your mind as done in Christ. Eventually your flesh will fall in line with feelings that match your words. Do this while you patiently wait, even if the waiting lasts years.

4. Take possession. Listening closely to the Holy Spirit, take steps of faith that lead to victory. Of course your ability to hear the Holy Spirit needs to be clear and enhanced, and getting to the place where you can hear Him clearly is another lesson.

Be blessed!

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2002

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