Diamond Couloir

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dear all, i'm planning a trip to Mount Kenya, first half august 2002, with the intention to climb Diamond Couloir. Is there anybody having fresh news on DC conditions ? thanks for any answer


-- Andrea Vido (a.vido@fnardi.it), April 23, 2002


thanks Will for your wonderful new hope to meet you in Nairobi, once we will get there

ciao Andrea

-- Andrea (a.vido@fnardi.it), June 13, 2002.

Dear Andrea

Since I last posted a message to you there has been lots of snow on Mt Kenya, more than usual for this rainy season. A friend saw Diamond Couloir last weekend and said it looked pretty good. So I think you should be hopeful for August.

-- Will Frost (w.frost@cgiar.org), June 13, 2002.

Andrea Vido

Good objective, well done. I don't think it has been done for a few years. August should be a good time for it though, but it's all a bit iffy these days with the weather. In March this year it was completely non-existent which isn't a surprise. June last year it looked complete though not sure how solid.

Unsurprisingly it's a channel for rocks and ice coming off the glacier above, and that's getting worse with the retreating glacier. Still worth a go though, I want to do it, but haven't had a chance yet due to lack of available partners. The Ice window route is also meant to be beautiful and less dangerous, a good warm up perhaps.

Keep in touch if you want a partner or more advice, I know 2 really good porters/guides. Come to the mountain club when you arrive in Kenya.



-- Will Frost (w.frost@cgiar.org), May 06, 2002.

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