swapping 77SS parts to a 75 550 frame

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I am just about to make one bike out of my two parts bikes. I have a basically complete 77 cb550f model with no title and a mostly incomplete 75 cb550 with a nice clean title. Although i prefer the 77 F model, I think it would be the cheapest and easiest to bring the 75 to the road. My question is basically what will swap over in the way of important things. I know the engine and all should be fine. My main concern are parts like the swingarm and the 4-1. Were there any changes in the frames between these years? Will the tank and fenders fit? Is on set of front forks better than the other(both in same condition) Thanks for your replies


-- Trevor Reilly (trevorreilly@yahoo.com), April 22, 2002


Hi Trevor

There are differences in the frame. The 550F models have their footpegs rearset for a sportier riding position.Footpeg position requires the right peg to be folded up 90 degrees in order for the kickstarter to clear when kickstarting.Not sure if the kickstarters are different.The passenger peg mounts off the frame are different also,which means that the exhaust systems will not swap without some adapter brackets which are not too hard to make.As for the exhaust.A honda 550f muffler listed for $440.00 CDN last I checked.The 550F header will accept a number of aftermarket slip-on sound cans.Measure the collector end and check out some swap meets.

Good Luck Trevor,Keep the 550's on the road. Paul.Shearer.

-- Paul Shearer (pas1@attcanada.ca), May 19, 2002.

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