Who can best motorize my big ball?

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I built a big ball a number of years ago out of plastic pipe. Here is the picture: http://www.petcom.com/~john/aball.GIF The challenge is to see who can motorize one of these by any means and drive it through a course the quickest.

-- John Stewart Sefton (john@petcom.com), April 22, 2002


The big ball in the above picture ( http://www.petcom.com/~john/aball.GIF ) is made from 1 and 1/2 inch plastic pipe reinforced longitudinally with 2 inch pipe. The next ball will be 2 inch pipe reinforced with latitudinal rings. There is an axle running through the ball. The challenge is to power and control this axle, whether manually or with a motor (but no pushing). The website it comes from is http://www.petcom.com/~john/

-- John Stewart Sefton (john@petcom.com), April 22, 2002.

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