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Cycle Touring Gear Checklist
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Cycling Gear
Well-tuned bike Helmet
Pump Racks (front and/or rear) with panniers
Patch kit with tire levers Spare inner-tubes
Bike lock (optional) Head light and taillight
Waterproof cycling booties Cycling shorts (with chamois)
Lightweight cycling socks Cycling jerseys or t-shirts
Outer Shell (tops and bottoms) Cycling shoes
Basic bike tool kit    
The Essentials
Map in waterproof case   Food
Sunglasses/Sunscreen First-aid kit
Headlamp/Flashlight Fire starter
Matches (in waterproof container) Water
Knife General repair kit
Trip Plan (left with a friend)      
Camp shoes or sandals with socks   Quick-drying shorts and pants
Synthetic long underwear (tops and bottoms) Regular underwear
Sun hat Fleece top
Camping Gear
Sleeping bag Tent, tarp, or bivi sac
Stove and fuel Sleeping pad
Water treatment or filter Cooking/eating utensils
Toiletries (including toilet paper) Camping Permits (if needed)
Cycling computer   Binoculars
Rope Camera and film
Notebook and pencil Deck of cards
Watch/alarm clock GPS
Change of clothes waiting at end of route    

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Answers has lots of articles on cycling and other activities.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

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