Over the Fence Chat -- April 21st - April 27th, 2002

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Okay, where did you all go? Sleeping in or what?

Cold and gloomy and wet here. Predicting rain and snow mixed all day -- this includes freezing rain. Yech.

Nothing much going on. Julie sent me a URL for organic bird seed mix for sprouting. Going to get some, but I need more counter space! Don't you feel like you need to have a lab somewhere in your house? I think with longing of the labs in college -- all those long stretches of impervious counters and huge sinks, and large workspaces, not to mention equipment . . . :-( I bet Jay will say that he HAS turned half his house into a lab! ;-)

My sick cockatiel continues to look better. Now its just the boring long haul of medicating her twice daily, trying not to get it all over her head (very sticky), and trying to prevent her from getting yeast overgrowth because of the antibiotics. Can you tell I've done this before? :-/

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002


Joy, I also think of those chem labs from college with longing!!! I never have enough space to lay out all the projects I want to have going in my little kitchen, let alone my little house. Glad to hear your cockatiel is better, although the medication process sounds a bit trying. Tell us what you are making with all your fabric finds in Hawaii.

I took my buck kids to market yesterday........I thought I was taking them to the auction so that the 4-H kids could buy them, but it seems the law in Michigan about buying and selling has changed and now we can not sell anything without TB papers. When I went to unload they asked my for my TB papers and I just looked at them rather dumbly. I was faced with the choice of taking the "boys" home for at least another month and missing the 4-H market or just letting them go for slaughter. So, I let them go and cryed all the way home. I hate it when I get caught being stupid. I had let my state goat association membership lapse so I missed the alerts. I must say I am relieved to not have that crew, feeding them and caring for them was about 15 minutes a day per animal so times that time 7 and see how much more time I have now. Of course if I had known, I never would have taken them off the mamas but the 4-H kids lose so many of the dam raised ones cause they can't get them on the bottle etc. so being the kind heart I took everyone and put them on bottles. live and learn?? I didn't even know that it was against the law beginning Jan 1 2003 to even own animals that have not been tested. Must stay more current........just hate the news and try to avoid it!!!

We had freezing rain this morning while choring.........YUCK!!! Nothing stuck but it sure is chilly after our mid 80's weather. Everything is so green and beautiful. This is when I must say I am most taken with being a Michigander, and will be until about next November when I will rethink it all again.. :>).

I have pots of stuff all over the place waiting to be planted out and flats to start and barns to clean etc. etc. etc. Now I must make an effort to get my papers in pristine shape before I get the state vet in here to test my herd. I am never one to be too happy to have the government involved with my life, but I am not willing to give up the goats quite yet, so I guess I will be in compliance for now.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.........hugs.

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002

Hi all. The computer is marginally better, and so am I. I caught some GI thing last week and was sicker'n a dog for 36 hours around Thursday. What did I eat???!!! Anyway, I'm back in the saddle, but wobbly. Can't believe I slept so much.

Coolish here still: 50's daytime, high 30's at night. I dug up most of my fall garden (b. sprouts, broccoli)yesterday, as it was going to seed. Even my cabbage is also going to seed! Hey, where's the heads??? I only got two! St. Pat's peas are up and running; winter- over peas have blossoms already.

Diane, sorry about the guys. I feel for you. I have too many rams around here and should have dealt with my guy problem a long time ago. As it is, I have considered auction, as well as the sausage company. I can't make myself do either. I just have so much more work to do with 5 rams, when 1 would certainly do (or 2). But I like 'em.

Had our church Spring Sale yesterday. Lots of hard work, but fun. I bought a few plants, so I should get out and get planting. I'm still not particularly energetic, though, so maybe I'll phone my aunt in Oregon and talk to her for a while. We email a lot, but I still like to hear the sound of her voice.

Have a good week everyone. Go Mariners!

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002

Hey sheepish.........do rams smell like bucks?? Years back when we kept a rather large herd and had several different lines going, I kept 5 or 6 bucks all the time. What an odor!!! On Sundays Gary would take care of the bucks while I was milking and then run in a take a LONG shower. There were some times when we would be setting in church and someone would be "sniffing" a couple of pews away. We had all we could do to keep a straight face.

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002

TWO chats...who to chose...

Weathers funny. Last week for a few days, it was in the 90's and now it's down to the 50's. Suppose to sleet tonight with icy conditions in the morning. Good thing I didn't start planting. But at least it's been raining; not as much as we need but the hay is growing nice.

Sorry about your boys Diane. I had a woman call about buying some babies. I told her she would have to bottle feed them and have them dehorned. She apparently was using me as her only source of information and was asking a ton of questions. Okay, we all have to start somewhere and she doesn't have a computer but she started annoying me when I would tell her something and she would blow off what she didn't want to hear and ask me something else. (she didn't want to milk and didn't want to sell for meat. She thought all the 4Hers would buy from her) She brought back her husband and it came out that they needed the farm assessment for this year so I told them the babies would be too young to breed this year and they needed older goats. Well, my one doe (5 year old, registered 3/4 Boer)that had triplet does is for sale but she didn't want to spend $300 for the family and thought she was too old (geez, she had triplets, of course her spine is going to show) I showed them a yearling I have for sale (15/16 unregister Boer) THEN she asks if any of these yearlings were for sale. DUH! She liked the coloring of another one instead of the one for sale. That yearling was selling for $200 anyway so she wouldn't have bought. So now I'm really starting to get ticked since it is obvious they are wasting my time. I tried one last time by telling them that they are not going to be able to find good, healthy, adult, producing goats for $50. If they go to the auction, they will get something that is sick. And I dropped the price of that doe and kids to $250 (she picks on my other doe anyway so it wouldn't be so bad getting rid of her) But they are not sure what they want to do yet. Oh, and I told them about registering the goats for Scrapie in NJ and finished with pigs are really easy to raise. I just have this feeling they are going to buy from the auction and call me for help, know?

The other thing happening is a neighbor put up a modular home in the fall. That would be nice except the truck driver drove on part of our lawn to turn around. Weaving back and forth. They swore they would fix it...Spring comes and I call. A week later I call again. Yesterday morning I call a third time after trying to tamp down the dirt myself. The wife said she would give me the number of the trucking company since they did the damage. No, you promised to fix it. Well, the husband did that morning and didn't ring my bell. Since they are putting up another house next to me, I don't listen to trucks anymore. So here I am apologizing to her, feeling like a heel, until I go and look at the job he did. Sigh...here I am now, in the rain, moving the sparse hay he put down. Squinting to see the seed. Raking it smooth and over into the gullies the tires left. Bringing up more dirt from below. Putting down more seed, more hay. Following that with putting up deer netting to keep the roaming dogs and ranging chickens off. Did I mention it was raining and the temperature dropped? My hands were numb by the time I was finished. My husband said I did a good job though.

Today I put some more topsoil (that's what I call the old manue around here) up top and I'm gonna put a butterfly/hummingbird mix down. Should dress it up some. Next is move some butterfly bushes and I STILL have to finish putting up the fence and building levels in my backyard. Does it ever end???

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002

Well, y'all may think I'm a nut but the idea of freezing rain sounds good about now...

It was a pretty fair weekend at DunHagan all things considered. On Saturday I leapt the great void of forty and am now officially old. We had a small get together at the house and I put on a Low Country boil of shrimp, sausage, fresh corn on the cob, and potatoes with the scratch dark chocolate birthday cake my wife made me for dessert. Earlier that morning on the way into Gainesville for supplies my wife gave me her gift which was a brand new solid oak rocking chair. It came from the local Cracker Barrel restaurant of all places but for the money it's a good deal. I'm looking forward to many an evening on the back porch rocking in it after a long day's work. I'll get my wife a matching one for her birthday.

Sunday I was up early trying to do two days work in one. Planted a couple of beefsteak tomato plants that a coworker gave me, did some serious weeding around the other plants and then set the sprinkler to watering the garden in. I *finally* planted out the three fig trees that have been making me feel guilty for neglecting them so long. They were actually the first things I bought to plant at DunHagan and just didn't get them out. With them in the ground I set into raking up huge piles of mulch for the figs, the three oaks I put out last week and a new layer of mulch for the three pecan trees and one of the old pear trees. Gave the baby wheelbarrow rides hither and yon over the property and she helped me in the garden by watering some of the plants with her little watering can. Also watered all the other plantings as well. Once everything is fully mulched in I'll stop watering them but for about once a month except for those not yet fully established.

It's been a joke in the family that if I couldn't eat it or if it didn't serve some practical purpose I wasn't interested in growing it as I always said I wasn't going to fool with flower gardens until I was old. Accordingly I began laying out my first flower bed yesterday. I'm sort of cheating though since thus far it consists of a pomagranate and a pineapple guava at the ends with several colors of yet to be acquired day lillies in between all of which are edible! I'm sure I'll get into zinnias, dahlias, and such stuff by and by.

One thing I will say about yesterday was that it was hot! Porch thermometer pegged at ninety two right early and the breeze was very fitful which gave the !@#$!@#$! gnats long periods of time to make me crazy. Guess the flip side of the huge increase in fire flies we're enjoying at night this year is the explosion in the gnat population. Why are country folk so closed mouthed? Because they're tired of swallowing gnats!

Fortunately the humidity was abnormally low at between 40-45% so even though it was hot and with little wind it didn't become unbearable. Haven't quite gotten back into my natural Florida cracker heat adaptation yet I suppose.

Hope everyone had at least a tolerable weekend.


-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Alan, send the hot weather this way! (It'll cool off a bit by the time it crosses the continent!). Cool and drizzly here again today. Where's the sun??? And Happy Birthday. My 50th is coming up fast...not sure what that makes me? Officially *more* old? And I know what you mean about the flower gardening. However, I didn't start in earnest until last year's perennial bed makeover...and now it continues.

Diane, NO, the rams do not smell like bucks. There's nothing that smells quite like a buck. 8-) The rams do have a "rammy" smell to them, which I don't mind, really. It's a very heavy sheepy smell and I can't describe it any more than I could describe a buck smell. I know what you mean, though! We went to some KinderGoat shows up here when we were considering goats several years back. The bucks were blathering and doing their creative scenting (ahem!), and we decided to pass. We still really like goats, though!

We need to bring Allison's thread over here and combine it somehow.?

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Nah just delete it..we must have been posting at the same time and Joy got here first. :o) My cold is feeling better today..yay. Got 2 loads of wash out on the line this morning and one in the dryer. The kids refuse to put on clothes and are still in PJs at 12:30 PM. Oh well, why get worked up? When they decide to go out in the sand they'll give in. Gave calf and lamb their 5th doses of Penpro for their suspected pneumonia. We shall see how things go. My black broody hen got off the eggs yesterday thanks to Marigold the doeling bothering her (busting into the crate and eating her food and water and making way for the other chickens to wander in). Grrrr. Probably got too cold before I found her and put her back on so now I am doubtful of the eggs hatching. I am cheesed because hatch time was Friday. keep your fingers crossed for us. I'd hate for her to have wasted her time. Ants discovered in the kitchen. Blech! I laid a couple of traps and haven't seen any since..maybe I actually smooshed all of the culprits....? In my opinion, rams do not smell as bad as bucks and don't have the..umm.."rude" behaviour that buck exhibit during rutting season (which is all the time for bucks isn't it??LOL).

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Hmmm...I wasn't sure which chat to answer either. Alison...will you come over here to chat, or would you like someone to come there :-)??

We're supposed to get that cold, rainy and maybe slushy wet snow tonight, Joy. Sure will seem weird since we had a beautiful sunny weekend...although quite windy! Planted another batch of peas, along with onions, chard and beets. We were going to put in kale and spinach, but we had several chores to do for my MIL and ran out of time. Maybe tomorrow!! I really don't know why I even bother with succession plantings. Everything always seems to come at the same time in spite of the time I plant!

Our pastures are growing like mad now, so my goats aren't eating half the hay I put out for them! I have almost 150 bales left over from last winter that I'm sure I wont use up before the first hay cutting around the end of June!! And it's still quite sweet-smelling and green! I'll be using some for our pigs and I put a whole bale in for the chickens occasionally...especially when I dump my kitchen "slop" bucket out in the pen. The hay really makes 'em scratch and dig for all those wonderful "goodies" :-)!!

We also did some "decorating" on the front of our log house. Both Harry and I like to collect antique tools and we have lots of old logging and farming tools that we've been hanging on the outside of the house. Yesterday we hung an old reel-type push mower that belonged to my grandparents back in the 50's and 60's. I can still remember mowing their grass with that!!!! Also hung two different sized logging tongs that we used to use with our sawmill. Amazingly, these old tools seem to go well with the logs! Next weekend we have to move several chunks of granite out of the old cellar hole from the original homestead here. We want to set them up for a bench in front of the house. One thing for sure, in this state we will never run out of granite!!

I know what you mean, Joy, about not having enough counter space!! I've discovered a perfect place for starting seedlings. I've taken over Harry's train table in the spare room upstairs :-)!! He never noticed when I removed some of the train tracks and set up some pots and planters. The table is 4'x8' so I even had room for my incubator!! There's a long flourescent light overhead. Don't know why I never thought of it before!! This room is directly over the kitchen... and the cookstove, so there is plenty of warmth at night when we fire up the stove occasionally AND I can close the door to keep the cats out!

That's a real bummer about your kids, Diane. It's one thing when you know right from the beginning that the kids are destined for slaughter, but that was kind of a shock for you! This was the first year for me that none of my kids went to slaughter...having had all doe kids. We don't have to provide TB papers here, but I did have several registration forms to "educate" some of my buyers about.

Alan...I've crossed the great "void" of fifty (plus one year!), and I don't consider myself old!!!! Age is a state of mind...remember that :-)! But Happy Birthday! And I can now officially add you to my "birthday hit list"! After celebrating our 31st anniversary on Friday, Harry and I are still wondering where all the years went! On Saturday, I got a few "sarcastic" phone calls from my sister in Mass. She thought that we must have had one hell of a celebration to have caused an earthquake in the northeast :-)!!! Hmmm...we never felt a thing :-)!

Well, back to work. I have a whole winter's worth of bedding to start shoveling today...oooh my aching back!! Have a good week, everyone.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Forgot to tell you all...but we had the strangest event occur late yesterday afternoon. We were sitting out on the back porch, relaxing, and noticed some movement across the yard by the pigpen (abut 150 feet away) and thought it was a sparrow hawk chasing some purple finches around. After getting the binoculars for a closer look, found out it was a merlin!! He had his eye on a mourning dove that was sitting perfectly still on the ground...probably also watching the merlin! Suddenly, the dove couldn't stand it anymore and took flight with the merlin right behind him. The chase headed DIRECTLY towards us on the porch!! They were zigzagging about 6 feet off the ground. One of my cats happened to see the "action" headed our way and she jumped up and managed to grab the dove in mid air!!! Then the dove got away and the cat was left with feathers. The merlin, in the meantime, had veered up into a tree not 20 ft. from where we were sitting. We got a real close up view then! It was the strangest "nature" encounter we'd seen!! Another few feet closer and we would have had to duck for cover :-)!!

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002


The hot weather is on the way. I could only afford to send it space available though so it might be a few months before it gets to you.

BTW, I got my hoes with the five foot handles in if you missed my original mention of them. They're worth the money!


-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Happy late birthday Alan!!! Oh to be that YOUNG again. Yes sheepish, once you have smelled a buck.....you always recognize the smell!!!

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Happy late B-day Alan!!!! Sheepish I would love to send you some of this weather. Today it's 92 so far and expected to break the record of 93. the weather is weird around here, expected to be mid to high 70's tomorrow!!

Got the call today to go and sign papers on our new home. Hoping it will be delivered by this weekend. It's been a long year waiting and saving!!

All of our chicks are doing well. The rabbit has gotten mites so had toput sweet oil in his ear, boy he didn't like that at all.

Hope all have a wonderful week ahead. We have our annual family reunion this weekend at our place with excess of 50 people so cleaning is top proriety.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Okay, I've deleted the duplicate topic. If I'd caught it sooner, I would have just copied and pasted.

Well, the rain and ick has quit, and it's a bit warmer. Tomorrow they say we might get partly sunny at some point. Not very warm, but not as cold as it was!

Sorry about the boy goats, Diane. I would have cried too, and I am more convinced than ever that I never want goats! Unless I got one as a brush cutter . . . .

I am feeling badly because my cockatiel is back in the hospital. I thought she was gradually improving, but this morning she was sitting on the floor of the cage and looking punk. The vet concurred that she needed to be seen. He's doing tests that he didn't want to do last week when she was in such respiratory distress. Her liver is involved somehow, but whether it's being affected by something or is the source of the problem is not know yet. This is one of my tamer birds -- makes it easier to medicate her, but harder on me to have her sick. My favorite died 1.5 years ago, and I don't really have ONE favorite now, but she is in the top group. :-(

I gotta get some bird greens started growing soon, the kind that LIKE cool weather. Going to grow Tatsoi and Swiss Chard again, but I have to find a different kind of beet. I grew "Bull's Blood" last year, and the foliage (the part the birds want) was dark red too. This frightened them -- food is supposed to be GREEN, in their experience. So I want a nice easy "pot" beet with green leaves. Gotta go out to Jungs and see what they have.

I don't know what exactly I'm going to do with all the fabric and sarongs I bought. Feed my fabric stash, probably . . . I do have plans for some of it, including some going to a friend. I bought one piece with one intention for it, then changed my mind twice. I can't even remember what I first thought I was going to do with it {insert embarassed face}. One length of fabric and one sarong are each destined to be a casual jacket. Another sarong might be a skirt or a dress or maybe a pair of wrap pants. Yet another sarong may be a dress or a sort of a wrap. Maybe I'll start a thread about making that kind of wrap . . . . I made one for a friend as a present a few years ago, then found a book with actual directions in it. I couple of pieces are just because I didn't think I'd ever see those fabrics again -- dolphins on one, turtles on another.

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Rats! I knew I forgot something. Happy Belated Birthday, Alan!

On Saturday I leapt the great void of forty and am now officially old. Ha! I hit FIFTY this year, and I AM NOT OLD! I am merely middle- aged. Old is somewhere after 60. And I am pretty sure that the close I get to 60, the closer OLD will get to 70! ;-) At forty, you have reached the age of maturity -- however, by that criteria, I am about 25 . . . . :-D

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Hey all! And Happy Anniversary to Marcia and Harry! And Happy Birthday to Alan! Boy, new babies and goats and birthdays and anniversaries - we sure got lots to celebrate around here!

After all that beautiful weather last week, we are now freezing our butts off again! And, do you want to talk about soggy?? I don't know exactly how much rain we got, but there were DUCKS floating in the road ditches/farm fields!! Pop had moved all the tomato starts out to the cold frame - right before the temp dropped and we got a windstorm; that lifted up the cold frame cover and dropped it on the 'maters. Ah well. We may be able to salvage some of them, and Wal-Mart and the Red Barn have lots more! He figured I'd be upset, since I had been babying them along since February - he forgot to figure in the point that now I have a legitimate excuse to go back to the garden centers! (Cackling and rubbing hands with glee!)

Pop and I are going to get our melon seedlings started tomorrow; and I am thinking of going out and poking some peas in the soggy garden as well. We did get 100 strawberry plants transplanted before I had to go into work last Friday; plus divided up a huge chunk o' bee balm that I moved out of the front perennial bed and tucked that in the bed with the berries as well. Between the copious rain and the cooler temps, they are all doing great. Don't know how the morels are doing; Pop found some on Friday afternoon, but I don't think that he's been out to look since, so I don't know if the cooler temps have affected them or not.

Well, I'm off to take a turn around the yard with Hubs; and see what there is to see! You folks take care,

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Thanx Polly...geeesh...31 yrs. well, maybe sometimes I DO feel old :-)!!

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

Happy Birthday, Alan!

-- Anonymous, April 22, 2002

More fun weather out here. Huge thunder boom at 3 a.m. shook the house! Hailed like crazy and there's still hail all over the ground. Supposed to be in the 20s tonight (and this is the maritime Pacific Northwest, for heaven's sake...we hardly get this cold in the winter). Guess I had better protect my little seedlings. Sheesh.

Have a nice 90-degree day, everyone....

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2002

Where?! Where is it 90 degrees!? I'll go! Alan, you need help raking up that mulch? Will rake for dinner...

It's on the verge of 50* here; wind chill 41*; grey, cold, gloomy, damp, miserable, bleep blapping weather!

Well, to Hell with the weather!! Pop and I are getting ready to plant watermelon and canteloupe seed - just waiting for the peat pellets to soak up some nice warm water! Then, I'm going to forage in the basement for my Jean Auel books, and in the pantry for some bon-bons - then I'll plop in the Lazy Boy in my newly TV-less living room (they went to live in Pop's room and the basement, when the guys got together and got a new dish system) and stick my snout in a book! I guess I COULD clean house, but I can't see the dust on the furniture when it's cloudy anyway - so I can ignore it another day!

Mmmm...Nestle's Toasted Coconut Treasures!! Bon-bon, anyone?!

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2002

Polly, I will gladly trade homes for a bit; our highs will be in the mid 90's too. We all have our rain gear out, only we have it spread on the lawn to catch any water falling out of the sky!

And you don't even need to rake for your meal; although if you like changing babies . . . boy do I have a deal for you! :^)

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2002

Packin' up my summer dress and heading out to JR and Family's!! I like the heat; now how is your humidity? Can I bring you some rain as I come? Okay, tell me again - which end of the baby does this diaper go on? It's been more than a FEW years since I used a real one; don't know if I remember how to fold one or not!

Pop brought his girlfriend's little one (age 3) out to the farm today, and we took her out to the garden with us when the sun finally decided to peek through. I may have to rethink my plan to lay those concrete tiles in the "floor" of the grape arbor. I had filled in the floor frame with sand last year, in preparation for laying the tiles, but she thinks it makes a mighty nice sandbox! We've got us a fine looking turtle sculpted out there - just the right size for a little girl to ride on!

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2002

We had the 75-80 a few weeks ago then woke up one morning to a blanket of snow. Most of it is gone now but it is still chilly. Today is as warm as it has been for about two weeks. My termomater reads 60+, ooooooo a heat wave. They are talking about snow this weekend. May is around the corner and that is by far the nicest month in Minnesota. Good things about this funky weather, any mosquitos that hatched are now DEAD, and the maple sap is running again.

I've discovered that the two geese I have are both females. I had a third one but it went missing last fall. I always knew I had one male and two females but never knew which was which. So I ran them off the nests today and took all the eggs.

The highway by my house is being worked on all summer and they are re-routing traffic past my place, so I have been told. I'm going to try to make the most of the drive bys and hopefully sell these eggs for decorating, and my asparagus, and may be other things. We will have to see how bad it really gets. I may go to the county to see if they will put up a temporary sign to have traffic slowed down.Locals know not to be too speedy but all these other cars don't. There are a lot of kids around here, animals and my friends and I like to ride our horses, we have to take the road for part of the ride. Cars are no problem but speeding cars are.

I may be getting my milking doe before she has her kids. My friend who is giving her to me said if you are with a doe when she kids she belongs to you. She is due in 9 days so if I can get the box stall clean in the next day or so we may be able to get her over here prior to the big event. I told my friend she would have to be on call as midwife as I do not know what I am doing.

I feeling antsy about being able to get things done in time for the weather. The garden needs major work, after a year of nothing being done to it the yard has reclaimed it for its own. Fencing in the goat pen needs to be redone, llama moved and feet trimed, rabbits groomed, and house cleaned. Akkkkk! It is spring!

A cool thing happened yesterday. I was sitting at my computer and out of my window I saw one of the Eagles swoop in the perch on a tree that is very close to the house. But to my surprise it had no intention of perching it grabbed a limb and flapped its wings and broke it off and flew back to the nest. Cool! They sure are wonderful looking birds and I am so lucky to be able to observe them so closely.

Happy Birthday Alan!


-- Anonymous, April 23, 2002

Susan, e-mail me if you want my phone number..........I don't know what I would have done my first kidding if it were not for my friend Val, who died last year, holding my hand via the phone. They usually just handle it fine themselves (our goats), but it sure helps to have someone to talk you through it. Hopefully your friend will be available but if not......I am usually around. hugs......

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2002

Susan...ditto for me, too!! The does can usually handle things themselves, but I'm here...if Diane can't be reached :-)!

This year's weather sure is "weird", isn't it??

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2002

Thought I should let you all know we lost the baby last night.I satrted spotting Sunday and lost he baby Wed, night.I will chat with you all later.

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2002

Teri, I am so very sorry. If you need anything, please let me know.

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2002

I'm so very sorry Teri. We're here if you need us.

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2002

What a terrible thing to have happened, Teri. Please, please come back to talk about it when you feel up to it!!! So sorry!!

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2002

My condolences Teri.


-- Anonymous, April 25, 2002

Oh teri........I am so sorry to hear this. Wish I were close by and I would drive and give you a hug!!!

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2002

I'm so sorry Teri. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2002

Teri, We will be thinking of you please come here to talk if you need too...

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2002

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