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Reading all the posting in reply to mine, I can say that you have all proved me right. Not one of you actually contacted there B/S when they were aware there property had been repossesed, you all thought you could get away with it by keeping quiet and out of the way.

To all those who think they are being hard done by!!!!!!!!! I have been unfortunate to have had 2 properties reposessed, the first in 1982, as soon as the property had been sold i contacted the B/S and found there was a shortfall of 6k they settled for 750 full and final as i was on benefit and unemployed, this was literally 3mths after being reposessed.

1985 i purchased another property and in 1997 this was reposessed, again as soon as i new it had been sold i contacted the B/S (Halifax) and was informed there was a shortfall of 87000 (yes eighty seven thousand)I made them aware that i was unemployed with no likelyhood of a job in the near future, i was also in rented accommadation and on benefit. They agreed a full and final settlement of 5000 which i said i could borrow from a friend, that was all done and dusted 2mths after property was reposessed.

What i am trying to tell you is, you have a greater bargaining power just after being reposessed, you should be skint, in rented and on benefit, it all goes with the territory of being reposessed.

By delaying it all for years and waiting for them to catch up with you, its obvious why your all too scared to fill in I&E forms, and always looking over your shoulder.

you can listen all day long to these barrack room lawyers on this site quoting Human rights act, this act. that act, but at the end of the day they are very clever (Thet got reposessed TOO)

I now have another mortgage with the Kensington, rates a bit high but at the end of the day i own a propert once again, and as the sayin goes.......Debtors cant be choosers.

-- Mat Carter (, April 21, 2002


What a very strange posting?

Are you displaying to everybody that you are in some kind of deep mental torment perhaps? Are you publicly flogging yourself on the messageboard so to speak? Is this in fact a cry for help? Do you want some kind of group hug? How old are you exactly?

Or, even worse, have you missed the point of this site completely?

You appear to be most happy that you have been repossessed twice, and you are now apparently trying your best for a 3rd. Good luck to you I say.

If the site has nothing to offer you, then I'd suggest that you simply stay away.

Good Luck.

-- Harry (, April 21, 2002.

Hello again Mr. Noyd - do you have a life?

-- Chris (, April 22, 2002.

If you are going to leave messages on this site, have the guts to use your own name. Mat

-- Mat (, April 22, 2002.

Dear Mat,

I am not sure if you are referring to me in your recent posting but my reasons for leaving an anonymous posting are that I have to use my work e-mail.

I personally own my own house, have done so for many years, despite having an ex-husband who departed to live with my 'best friend' and tried to take me for the lot. After much fighting and an excellent solicitor I am sorted out.

However my fiance has not been so lucky. A devious ex-wife who used the mortgage money for her own ends has left my fiance in dire straits and only the support of the Home Repo site has kept him going - after being harrassed on an almost daily basis the Building Society has now gone to having tremendous difficulty answering his questions.

I think before you post outrageous comments you ought to consider that you cannot 'generalise'. My view seems that most of these people have had their property outrageously undersold or auctioned as in our case for a gross misselling. Do you not believe that we are entitled to question these reasons?

If you are not referring to me I apologise for my outburst. I have sent this to your personal e-mail address.

-- Chris (, April 22, 2002.

Dear Mr A Noyd,

I found your higher than mighty attitude absolutly hilarious considering your history of repossessions. Within 3 years of your previous settlement, you once again had your home reposssessed with a hideously huge shortfall. All I can say to that is that you were incredibly lucky or stupid, I personally would never have allowed a BS incompetence to sell my property for a loss of 87k and then try to recoup it from me. There are lots of different types of people on the website all in different circumstances and I dont know how you dare comment on every single experiences to your own. SO Mr A Noyd, I have 3 words for you - POT KETTLE BLACK.

-- Lisa (, April 22, 2002.

Mat How funny you are! I never realised I would be reading these pages and laughing so much ! Both at your posting and the responses.

You may well have a point though - for those people who are in the very early stages - it may be an option, but if you have been in this situation twice yourself, I am sure you will appreciate the reluctance of most to contact those very unhelpful people at the B/S, it could be that they are getting divorced, just lost their job, have children etc or all 3! - and the emotional side takes over. Whatever the reason, you should perhaps take a moment to reflect on your comments, unless of course you were trying to 'piss' everyone off. Not everyone knows thier rights, which is why this website is such a great benefit. So lets hope you don't show up here in a while - you know what they say '3rd time lucky', perhaps it won't be the case for you !!!

-- Jules (, April 25, 2002.

Dear Mat

Next time please stay off benefits as I can't afford to keep subsidising you.


-- avril smith (, April 26, 2002.

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