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A meeting's chairperson brings a proposed agenda to each board meeting, composed of agenda items based on new "threads" and "answers" posted on the Bulletin Board since the previous meeting.

Reports are written summarizing in adequate detail for each item discussed and are posted on the bulletin board. These reports are ammended during board meetings to reflect developments and changes in issues decided during subsequent board meetings.

These reports are essentially understood to be organisational policy, and are occasionally compiled into an itemized policy manual. As ammendments are produced, they are inserted into the policy manual in loose sleeve sheets until the next time the manual is updated.

Board meeting agendas consist of the following format:
1. Recognition of attendees
2. Discussion of and agreement on agenda item prioritization and item time allocation
3. Addressing of as many items as possible in time allocated to the overall meeting, including notes for writing of policy reports
4. Setting of date and time of the next meeting

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2002


The chairperson circulates the proposed agenda, based on the Bulletin Board thread of the upcoming board meeting.

The minutes keeper takes notes at the meeting and makes policy reports, or ammends policy reports, according to her/his notes. She/he also circulates the new and ammended policy reports so others may verify new reports and the implimentation of ammendments at the next meeting.

If an attendee of the previous meeting disagrees with the wording of how a policy was drafted or ammended, the issue is revisited at the meeting directly following that attendee's disagreement. If the draft or ammendment is changed, it is recirculated for approval by that meeting's attendees at the next board meeting.

Once a draft or ammendment is approved by all attendees present at a board meeting, it is considered policy until the next time that policy is ammended.

If somebody wishes to challenge a policy, draft or ammendment but cannot attend the upcoming board meeting, they may submit a written proposal for attendees to consider.

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002

By answering the main question of a thread, note specific agenda items you would like addressed at the next board meeting.

You can edit any answers to add notes about why you want to cover that issue, if you like, so long as the answer does not pre-date the previous board meeting

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002

Threads posted since the previous meeting and the most recent version of policy reports are printed off for each meeting's attendees

A hard copy of earlier threads and earlier versions of policy reports are kept on hand, in form of the policy manual, for easy reference during Board Meetings

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002

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