'92 Saab Clarion Audio System?

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I have a 92 Saab tubo: Does anyone know what fuse to pull to shut off power to the Clarion audio system? I punched in the wrong code after changing the battery! It's driving me nutts, the dealer/ and clarion told me to hold the band button down for 20 sec. or turn off the power again. Nothing has worked.

-- tom (tndavis6@insight.com), April 20, 2002


I have done this once and I could not find a way to reset the unit but if you press and hold the band button,maybe tune, it will allow you to reenter the right code. It's been awhile since this happened and the radios do differ but if you find the button marked mode, kind of a secondary mark, and hold it in it will let you try again. the beeping will stop and it will say CODE. Try holding in each button one at a time if need be. good luck

-- mark conover (farnation@tcworks.net), July 14, 2002.

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