Edgar allan poe and how is life contributed to his writings?

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I am doing a term paper on edgar allan poe... i am so stressed and don't what to do. You don't know how tempted i am to just buying the paper online. My paper is on edgar allan poe and how is life contributed to his works. My teacher also thinks i should mention why he known as the father of short stories. I tried the poedecoder and the all poe and it didn't seem to help. Can somebody please help me i don't want to resort to buying it when i know that i am smart enough to write i just have a case of severe writers block i think.

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2002


hey, i am also writing a thesis paper on how edgar allan poe's life contributed to his work and i have found a lot. Okay, you can talk about how he wrote about people that are like his family members. his wife was his cousin and in a story called berenice, the narrator was engaged to his cousin and in the story eleonora, the narrator was married to his cousin. His wife virginia later died and he wrote about that in the masque of the red death. He was an alcoholic and in the black cat the narrator was an alcoholic. in a story called william wilson, the setting is at a school like the one he went to in england and he even uses his own headmasters name. His wife also died around the time of the masque of the red death when there was also an outbreak of cholera where he lived in phili. a story called to my mother is said to be about his mother, eliza, and virginia. thats all i have so far but i hope it helps you. good luck on your paper!

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2002

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