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Hi, we are 4 climbers from austria (europe) and we would like to climb to batian. so we had a few questions, because we hadnīt been in kenia before. which is the best and easiest route to batian in september? (dry climbing) can we buy gas cylinders in nairobi? if yes which one, where and how much are they? my last questions is about food and water. is there a possibility to buy some food and water in the nationalpark, specially in the higher region? thx for any infos christian

-- Christian M. Lugschitz (, April 20, 2002



In September if looking for dry climbs on Mt Kenya it is best to climb on the North Side. There are 3 I think would be suitable, North Face Standard: the easiest technically though quite long, and not easy to absail back down. South West ridge: haven't done it, but not much harder and looks good. East Gate: This goes up Nelion, is a very nice direct route a bit harder technically, than the Batian routes, but much shorter. You would have to cross the gates of the mist to get the Batian, but this would be OK. Might be a bit of snow on this at that time, not sure.

You can get camping gas in Nairobi, about the same price as Europe I think, you'd be better off with an MSR. You can't buy food and water in the park. Water source are plentiful thoguh treat them. Buy lots of food in NBO and pay an extra porter to carry it up.

Please come in to the club on a Tuesday evening when you arrive, you can get more advice. And the good guide we produce.

Hope that's helpful.


-- Will Frost (, April 23, 2002.

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