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Just received a shortfall demand for 18000 from Bristol & West, property reposessed in 1997 and 3mths later sold. Since being reposessed i made no attempt to hide from anyone, in fact i lived in a rented property 2 streets away and all mail was redirected by post office. For the last 18mths i have had a new mortgage with a Sub Mortgage Company albeit a high rate but it suits me. until this week i have had no contact from the B&W, however i have always assumed that i may be liable for a few quid but not 18000, i believe the property must have been sold too cheap. I received a I&E form plus a completion statement, i wont return the I&E. Any advice of my next move would be gratefully recieved thanks Mat

-- Mat Carter (, April 20, 2002


Well I presaume you are the same Mat Carter who in 2 above posting has made it clear what he thinks of us 'debtors'.

If that is the case do you really think that you are going to get lots of advice.

From your storey I thought we should all just pay up but now you are querying the selling price of your property - is that not what we are all doing?

Forgive me but I reaaly do hate double standards.

-- Matt (, April 22, 2002.

So Mat (A Noyd), Iwas right you would be coming to this site for help within the next 10 years as i thought in my previous reply to your insults. I think big fat apologies would be appreciated in order to get any help from most of hard done to people!

-- Daren Otsay (, April 22, 2002.

If you are the same Mat Carter aka A Noyd then your details don't seem to tally between different postings. This site is obviously read by people chasing debts for lenders and some of the postings are clearly intended to demoralise and confuse genuine people in situations of varying degrees of distress.

If you are genuinely seeking advice here then I suggest that you take the time and trouble to read the sections of the site dealing with repossession and shortfall demands, and look at the Q&A section. There should be more than enough advice there for you.

-- Gordon Bennet (, April 22, 2002.

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