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I have a quite annoying problem with my Canon EF. The threading on the crank was stripped, which I was able to deal with for a while, until the rewind shaft slipped down the hole. And in trying to retrieve it, I only pushed it down farther. Is there a way to pop open the back so I can just grab and come up with a better solution? And when (if?) I get it back, do you know where I can find a new crank? Thank you.

-- Jason B (, April 20, 2002


I haven't done this with the EF particularly, but if the rewind shaft is out of the way you can probably reach down into the hole with a small hook (small size crochet hooks work well) and pull up on the edge of the little metal plate inside that connects to the back latch. Your best bet for a new crank is a parts camera. rewind knobs are not universally interchangeable from one model to another, but there may be some from other (more common or less expensive) cameras that will fit.

rick :)=

-- rick oleson (, April 22, 2002.

Thank you! It worked perfectly. And I only missed one great photo opportunity. Until I find a new crank, I'm just gonna put a nut or something like that there to keep me from losing the shaft again. I have a little hacked together thing that lets me rewind it for now. Thanks again.

-- Jason B (, April 22, 2002.

you're welcome! glad it worked. i looked through my collection to try to find a knob that would fit on the EF; unfortunately it seems to be a fairly unusual thread. the canonet used the same thread, but unfortunately it had the male on the knob and the female on the shaft, opposite of the EF arrangement, so you can't swipe a knob from a canonet to replace yours.

good luck....

rick :)=

-- rick oleson (, April 23, 2002.

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