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I bought a Canon FT some time ago but when I tried to use it, the battery had drained by the next day as if it had failed to switch off. What is it that switches the meter off? Is it the lock button, putting the lens cap in place or what?

If it's a fault I will get it serviced as it is a nice camera to use, much more chunky than my Pentax Spotmatic but it gave very good results. Thanks.

-- Tim Hicks (, April 19, 2002


I've got one that does the same thing. I always keep a a lens cap on the lens that is mounted on it, that way it has nothing to meter, my battery has lasted over 1 year like that.

-- David Presson (, April 19, 2002.

Many thanks. At the time I did not have a 48mm lens cap so not having a cap may have contributed to the rapid battery drain. I recently got a 48 to 52mm adaptor ring and a 52mm cap so I will try leaving the battery in the camera for a while with the cap on and I'll see what happens


-- Tim Hicks (, April 21, 2002.

set your camera to "X", this switch off the cds cell and save battery even without lens cap!

-- Daniele Benvenuti (, May 07, 2002.

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