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I've just bought another Leicaflex SL, a nice black chrome one. It's coming over from the US to Australia. It comes with a Canadian 2 cam 50mm Summicron and a Canadian 2 cam 135/2.8 Elmarit.

How do these Candian lenses compare to their Wetztlar 2 cam counterparts ?


Tony Salce

-- Tony Salce (, April 19, 2002


Optically, they're better in the corners. Mechanically, the 50 is lighter than the german version, the 135 heftier.

I wasn't aware there were any 2-cam 50mm Summicron-R lenses from Canada. Are you certain it's 2-cam?

-- Douglas Herr (, April 19, 2002.


I don't think there are any Canadian 2 cam 50mm Summicrons. All were made in Wetzlar as far as I know. It is a lovely lens though (the earlier 2-cam one). They don't make them like this any more. I guess you have the later 135mm formulation - by most accounts very nice lens with great imaging properties. There are better 135mm in the Leica stable (135mm Tele-Elmar-M and Apo Telyt-M come to mind), but the 135mm you have is a bargain.

-- Robin Smith (, April 22, 2002.

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