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There is a truly fine lens, the Canon 500mm f5.6 FL-Fluorite now on eBay. I am not involved with the sale, do not know the seller. I have one, it is excellent, every bit the equal of the 500/4.5 L, albeit half a stop slower and half the weight. Anyone who has doubts about buying an FL lens should consider that when using a long telephoto like this you are almost always shooting wide open to maximize shutter speed/minimize camera movement. So works great with stop-down aperture priority on an A-1 or T90.

The auction has one day to go, starting price $700 including two rare Canon 95mm filteras, with no reserve. I cannot believe no one has bid on it.

Item # 1345995553

-- adam g. lang (, April 18, 2002


Correction - similar weight.

-- adam g. lang (, April 18, 2002.

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