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Which is better for B&W a Beseler 45HC (hand Crank version) or a Omega D-3? I want to print from 35mm to 4X5. I have never used the Omega but I have used the Beseler.

-- Spencer Hughes (, April 18, 2002



If your familiar with the Bessler, why change. I like Omegas, but would never get a D-3. Lens boards/autofopcus rails are very expensive, and hard to find. Lenes must match the board, and focus. Stick with D-2, or D-5's for ease of parts, and cost.

-- Don Cameron (, April 18, 2002.

The Beseler 45H is one of the least known and best enlargers ever made.I have a Durst L-1200 now and traded my 45H for a CB7, but there still are moments where I miss the Beseler.

-- Fred De Van (, April 18, 2002.

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