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Can anyone help me on the Poem "alone" by Edgar allen Poe. I need an analysis on the poem, What it means, why did he write it. Make best guess by 4-21-02. What did this have to do with his life? When did he write it? Thanks!

-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002


Very simply this is a fugitive poem found in the notebook of Lucy Holmes 1829. The poem's structure goes from the "from" section about his visionaryuniqueness and conseqent aloneness to the "then", that is the moment in his youth when he received his poetic vision, which itself is a companion symbol of loneliness to match his own discordant isolation- the cloud. The mention of the "demon" does not imply evil necessarily, but that ambiiguous muse of Poe's that alternately fascinates and overawes the poet. The use of run sentences linking to the memorable climax of the word alone is very powerful. The list of repeti tive"froms" leads the eye across a group of tremendous natural wonders to that cloud ending with the words "my view". Very neatly united in symbol theme and movement and very expressive of the peculiar emotion that is Poe's reflection upon himself, art and nature.

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2002

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