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Hello there,

A novice in 6x9, and the very recent owner of a beautiful Arca-Swiss 69FC, I am now shopping for lenses. I have several leads on a 47 mm Schneider Super Angulon. It is much cheaper but does not quite have the same coverage as the XL. Is anybody using the regular 47 mm in 6X7/6X9 on an Arca? - or on any other 6x9 for that matter. Are you happy with it? I guess my ultimate question is: should I go with the regular 47 or do I have to spend much more to get the XL to be able to take advantage of the Arca's extensive moves?

thank you


-- Christophe F. Lesueur (, April 18, 2002


I use the non xl 47 on my shen-hao. I can't get any movements besides tilts on my body, but there's not much room for them either. I use a 6x7 back with that lens and probably(if I bought a bag bellows) could get a tiny bit of movements but not much. To what use will you put the lens? I would not shoot architecture with that lens because you just won't have room for rise/fall. But for landscapes, you'll probably be fine and would be better off putting the significant cost difference into film. your question is tough to answer without knowing what you want to do with the lens.

-- Paul Frank (, April 18, 2002.

Thank you for your answer. I guess I intend to do landscape but also a measure of architecture (the occasional cathedrals of my native France). I therefore need rise and fall. According to the specs, the 47 mm schneider should enable 22, 57 mm of rise in 6x7. Having no experience of view cameras, and not knowing if these figures can be trusted, I was wondering whether that would be enough for most situations or not.


-- Christophe Lesueur (, April 19, 2002.

Christopher, I have the same camera with a 47 XL. I bought the lens secondhand. I can't compare with the non-XL, but if you are going to do any architecture at all, I would advise going for the XL. As someone else on this forum once advised me, the pain of spending the extra money is brief, but you will be thankful forever that you have a larger image circle for movements and less light fall-off.

And weight is no big factor here, it's a pretty light lens.

-- Sandy Sorlien (, April 19, 2002.

I should add, you need a slightly recessed lens board with that. 7mm is enough. Otherwise you can't focus at infinity without the front & rear standard getting so close you can't manage any tilt or swing. The small amount of recess is not a hassle when working the controls on the lens, but it does enable you to use some tilt and swing.


-- Sandy Sorlien (, April 20, 2002.

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