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can you play vcd's on playstions? i know some dvd's can be played on PS2. please let me know why it can or cannot. thanks.

-- Nou Her (, April 18, 2002


No you can't play VCDS on a Playstation. A Playstation is capable of only Music CDS and PS games, while a PS2 is capable of PS1 Games, PS2 Games and only one region of dvds (depending where u bought ur ps2) there is no way a vcd can work on ps1 or ps2 unless u get a modchip from singapore.

-- Anonymous (, April 24, 2002.

psx vcd adaptor is apparently the only thing that will make ur PS2 play VCDS. Theres loadz of different cheat cartridges that let u play any region dvds,but they dont work for DVDS. The MOD chip is also suppose to work, but theres a good chance it will wreck ur system, so probs best not2 try that. Im not sure where u can buy this psx vcd adaptor. GameGadgets sell it but it doesnt say anythin bout been able to play vcds, so i dont think its the same thing. Is there no code out there, u can key in on the control pad to get it to play VCDS, like u can on most DVD players???? E-mail me any1 with any good suggestions.

-- Chirag Kachalia (, May 09, 2002.

hi, you can play vcd's on a psx with the use of a gamar's vcd player unit which can be bought from ebay for about 30 gbp,this is for all playstations except the 9000 series which then requires a image 9000 vcd player which can also be bought for about 30 quid, the image 9000 requires soldering and should be done by a qualified person, whereas the gamars unit just is plug and play, and can play vcd software 1.0/1.1/2.0, the ps2 cannot play vcd's straight away, without any modification, and needs the use of the gamar's unit and not the image 9000, or you can get your ps2 modchipped to play vcd's which will be availabel later this year for about an extra 15% ontop of the noraml price of a modchip for your ps2 thanks

-- johnny black (, August 05, 2002.

Yes, you can. I live in Brazil and found an accessory called Movie Card, which can play VCD 1.0 and 2.0. It works!

-- Jorge Watanabe (, August 26, 2002. category=0&products_id=206& ....might i suggest searching the net before bitching about not finding it?

-- Monstr (, October 14, 2002.

you can convert the image using tmpgenc ( )to a pss format and they will play in a ps2

-- aaron (, October 20, 2002.

If your still reading this complete and utterly useless forum, go here: TUTORIAL/Newbies_Guide_to_the_PS2_VCD_Player.htm It shows you actual ways to make VCDs for PS2 without a modchip or adaptor.

-- Mikaru-san (, December 03, 2002.

Ya. You can play VCD's on a PS2. You just need to purchase the VCD adapter like everyone has said. I've seen "Another World" Selling VCD adapters for PC2 in the UK. Can't remember the price, sorry. Hope this helps.

-- Matt (, February 14, 2003.

Buy a vcd player it costs about 20 us dollars.

-- Lee Burgess (, July 04, 2003.

yo, anyone know where i can get the pss.mcf template to use in tmpgenc?

-- Krono (, July 14, 2003.

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