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I am in dire need of suggestions!!!!! I have a frisbee launcher project due in one week and my team is running out of ideas.(I know this doesnt really have to do with ideas for junkyard wars but this would be a great place to learn from people with great ideas) We have thought about using a piece of plywood and attaching an arm to it, and then attaching a spring at the end of the arm. The frisbee would be placed between the arm and the plywood(which would be greased or something for less friction) and propelled forward when the arm and spring closes against the board. I would really love it if ANYONE had any suggestions!! Anything would be great! I appreciate it!

-- Kelly Ann Wheeler (, April 18, 2002


go to a sporting goods store (the kind that sells guns) and ask to see a device used to launch clay pigeons for skeet shooting compititions. then copy and build one on a larger scale to launch frisbees.

-- joel (, April 20, 2002.

Having just participated in the competition you're in, I can tell you the most effective design we had was a table, with an arm covered in sandpaper (for spin on the disc) with an extension spring hooked on. It was pulled back different amounts with the varying distance. Email me if you have questions. One more thing: simple is best.

-- Ben Finney (, May 30, 2002.

how do i make a catapolt

-- jack tuner (, November 05, 2002.

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