a suggestion of how the webpage and the BB are going to relate to one another

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i am wondering how the webpage and the BB are going to relate to one another. One thing I have thought of is if the BB is for tossing ideas back and forth, archiving interesting links, reminding ourselves of questions we have, etc. The webpage would be primarily for when we have some more concrete answers that are not likely to change much. This would allow us to use the BB so we do not have to be writing webpages for everything that we have (which, as we have know, will mostly not be used [ie crap]), while allowing the really useful stuff to be presented in a easy to understand format.

The BBoard does allow HTML, so we can link to graphics from the board, and they will show up (if we coded properly). However, this process can be a little tricky, and the graphics have to reside somewhere on the web (ie the BBoard can only link to graphics, it cannot upload them). This is the second use I see for the webpage... basically a repository of useful graphics. I say useful because we are already using most of our allocated webspace. Of course, not all graphics have to be hosted in our webspace.

For example:

We'll talk.


-- Anonymous, April 18, 2002

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