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Hello fellows

I'm looking for knowledge about the older screwmount compartment cases. Where can I find description and pictures of these lovely bags? I have a IIIf, 35/3.5 Elmar, 50/3.5 Elmar, 90/4 Elmar (real guys only shoot with elmars, right?), FIKUS, VIOOH, cable release, TOUUG (black crinckle + small head), and a set of filters, which I would like to fit into a vintage case from the same period.

I normally use an M3 and M6 with various lenses but I love taking the old SM to work occasionally! By the way I had Malcolm Taylor fix the whole thing up, complete CLA of body and all lenses. it's like new!!


-- Thomas Krantz (tkrantz@kpmg.dk), April 18, 2002


Hello Thomas,

Sorry, can't help with your question. Just to say I am envious of your IIIf/Elmars kit. Before I >settled< on my M6 kit, a set-up like yours is what I started out looking for!

-- Hil (hegomez@aol.com), April 18, 2002.

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