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I dont know if this is still active it looks like it could have potential. But it seems like this radical mormon site is some guy who got dissillusioned with sunday school and dsicovered that they were not tellling him all the real cool stuff like J S was a 33 degree mason and he and RAW would have gotten along brilliantly. Uncle Crowley was a big JSmith fan. But why make a new definetion. Why not be a Mormon and a Discordian? Should we have a defintion of former mormons who follow the teachings of southpark. I would like to belong to the South Park Stake.

-- aron (, April 17, 2002


LDS & chaos magick --

I love it! Crowley and JS together -- imagine the possibilities!

-- Gaia Dianne (, August 10, 2002.

Let them cows out buddy

Wicca changes destiny.

dont draw out the moon or youre elestupido

-- (Romani) (, January 08, 2003.

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