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Me again with the questions. I asked this one before in another thread, but to clarify: How old are all you Aeon Flux Fans? So far ive found that people are in their 20's and up. I wonder what age group Peter Chung had in mind, if any. Ill just mention that I once found Aeon Flux in the childerens section at a local video store. I dont know anyone at all who got into the show as much as I did when it aired over here, I was about 15, im 17 now. So uh, yeah how old is like, everyone?

-- Sam (, April 17, 2002


Kristine, I for one would love to see your film, are you going to put music behind it? BTW; sounds really cool living out there near or on a vineyard. So...any muskedine wine around?

-- Barb e. (, April 20, 2002.

Let's face it Aeon Flux appeals to all ages, but not all intellects. The complexities of the show were presented on multiple levels that let you 'grow' into, just like life. The comments of the teens here reflect the ability to understand those complexities and surpass the current evaluation of this age. The Flux audience is a phenomenon the statisticians should be paying more attention to. The intelligent public is underestimated by corporate people out there and pandering to the low brow is at an all time high, or should I say low.

-- Barb e. (, May 18, 2002.

Those ep guides are a masterpiece of thought. I've read them for insights too. Peter read them and somewhere on this forum mentions how accurate they are and are not. I love the way they broke things down into even the sentences and those meanings.

-- Barb e. (, May 18, 2002.

I still hope for an Aeon Flux movie. The anime crowd would be stunned. Nothing out there would equal it. It would cause an evolution of the collective unconscious.

-- Barb e. (, August 26, 2002.

I is be 18. I was a tater tot when I first saw Aeon.

-- Kristine Rooks (, April 18, 2002.

DIARY TIME!: Right now most of my energy is being expended at not failing my classes. As part of this, I am in the midst of making my very first film! Hooray! It's for my Irish Film class and it's a 5 minute documentary about my family's farm. Like most pastyface natives in the Southern type area, we own a FARM where we grow muskedines and hunt deer. Maybe I'll be able to upload this onto the internet (aren't you lucky?)

-- Kristine Rooks (, April 18, 2002.

I'm 21. I got into Aeon Flux when I was 21. I'm investigating the coincidence as I speak.

-- Lee (, April 18, 2002.

What the heck is a muskedine?

-- Logo (, April 18, 2002.

I'm affraid I can't dispense my age... it might harm my credibility on this board! ^_^;;

-- cynical (, April 18, 2002.

Cyn, your not 84 are you?!?

-- Sam (, April 18, 2002.

Hahaha: no. Actually, I'm not any much older than some of you guys. You can read it in my profile if you're that serious about it..... if ya got ICQ: 38032380.

And then you can debate me real-time... OoooOOOOooohhhh... :)

-- cynical (, April 18, 2002.

Note to self: Do not consume a liter of Coke and post after 1:00 a.m. A muskedine is a Georgia grape.

-- Kristine Rooks (, April 19, 2002.

Kristine is 18, anymore teen talent?

-- Sam (, April 21, 2002.

9`%0,9%, 3,9`%9,3%, 1,3`%3,1%,9 !this is a test! 3,1`%1,3%, 9,3`%3,9%, 0,9

-- Sam (, April 23, 2002.

just checking

-- Sam (, April 23, 2002.

wow! where did all you kids hear about this? didn't it go off the air in '92 or '93 ? i was 16y/o when i saw it 1st, i'm 27 now!

-- jason (, April 23, 2002.

I hear yea jason,

I'm 25. Boy do I feel old now.

-- M-ACE (, April 23, 2002.

I am 16. i saw this back when beavis and butthead was on there i was little but that was the coolest show ever. there arent enough AF fans out there.

-- Matt Lippold (, April 25, 2002.

Well, I'm 22 now, but I think I first saw AF when I was 19, back in 1999, and so far, nobody I know except myself has enjoyed the show as I have!

-- Romeiux (, April 25, 2002.

I recall seeing Aeon Flux in HIGH school way on back in '87 and '88 last century. Late nite MTV. It aired around early Ren and Stimpy . I think...

-- Matter (, April 25, 2002.

This is the first contribution I have made to this page so it is sort of funny that it has to do with age but there are alot of Aeon Flux fans that are lurkers such as myself in the30+ group.(But not too 30+ !!!!) My nephew who is 3 is an Aeon Flux junkie. He saw the video on my shelf once and now constantly wants to see the jpgs on my desktop. He loves the video by Prodigy and everytime he comes to the office it's the first thing he asks for. So a new AF generation is spawning!!!

-- Suzette (, April 25, 2002.

My dad keeps trying to make muskedine wine, and it keeps exploding. My film will be done in exactly three days, and maybe I can put it in an e-mail attachment. It's about five minutes long, though, which means it will take approx. eight hours to load. There is only one song in it, Beethoven's Pathetique.

-- Kristine Rooks (, April 26, 2002.

34 years young and still ticking.

-- tom keene (, April 28, 2002.

I'm a hearty 21. I've been watching (and obsessed) with the show since it first came out.


-- skye (, May 02, 2002.

20 yrs. here. . . and Liquid television is the first soft porn I laid my eyes on. I've been by Aeon's side since she came about.

-- mary (, May 03, 2002.

dont worry i started watchin it at 15 its not on tv here i dont think anymore im 17 know to,its not on tv anymore here i dont think do you know what network or if its still on TV in australia

-- D.C (, May 04, 2002.

YO i am 19, been a fan for years. i have the MTV shirt with the eye logo on the back. its so sweet. i havent discussed it on any of these forums for a few years, but im always up for a bit of chatter

-- Owen (, May 06, 2002.

I was about 11 or so when I first saw it. (5th gradeish, maybe..) I am sixteen (almost seventeen) now.

-- Josh (, May 09, 2002.

It's so funny going back to old threads and seeing posts. i'm 19 now i always thought i was the youngest, and perhaps back then i was. i was but a wee one when i saw Aeon Flux and the only reason i saw it was because after karata it was always on when i got home. i don't exactly remember my first EP or what exactly caught my attention. I think back and my first thoughts of Aeon Flux was the drawings, i never really saw anything so unique. Aeon was my heroin and still is. she was so free to me, but yet so trapped. Everything she was she was not. it was all so confusing to me and still is. i talk in circles. lol i'll shut's crazy how many ppl have come to seak refuge on this forum. refreshing almost.

-- Lady Morgan (, May 11, 2002.

im a flux fan since the beginning..good ol LTV...i was probably like 13? im 22 now and still watching it! i catech something different each time i watch!!!

-- Rich (, May 17, 2002.

I have to confess that the ep guides at were a big help for me in increasing my understanding of this and that. I've read them all thoroughly & wonder when a new one will surface.

-- Sam (, May 18, 2002.

I'm 21 now, but I saw Ĉon Flux in its old LTV days... which would be when I was 15 or so, I think? I don't really remember specifically, but I know I was a freshman in HS when I saw the half-hour version for the first time... so it was probably 14 or so.

And not having read those episode guides before, they really bring out and explain some of the subtleties very well. :)

-- Brian Davis (, May 19, 2002.

Hmm! Now I have to start thorough searching the threads again in order to find these comments of Peter Chungs. Can anyone nudge me in right direction?

-- Sam (, May 21, 2002.

Well, I'm new to this forum, but I've been an Aeon addict for about a year and a half now.(Currently, I'm 18.) You'd think I'd grow out of the show, but the attachment just gets stronger....

-- Sierra (, May 21, 2002.

I'm 21 and I think it's one of the best shows ever made either animated or real. I've liked it since LTV days and I'm getting back into it. I know the guys from Orgy are big into AF.

-- Daphne (, June 21, 2002.

like suzette, well approximately like her, i rarely participate on this board. in fact, i only wrote a response one time back in 2000. however, i have been visiting the board pretty frequently since '99. the main staples of the board -- barbara e., paul, frostbite, lady morgan, and kaos knight -- were the names that became most familiar to me. somehow, i fathomed that both lady morgan and frostbite were youngins. in the same vein, with absolutely no basis whatsoever, i concluded that barbara and paul and KK were in my age bracket. i'm a whoppin' 30-years-old. sorry if i have insulted. my thanks to suzette for comin' out. maybe we're in a silent majority? :o) and just as a side note, while i'm here... thanks to all those who *do* write, regardless of age. specially to sam who had the "cojones" to ask a taboo question. people like me (and i guess suzette) are reading!

-- illy verdes (, June 24, 2002.

A person's manner tells you more than their age... I think now I'm less "angry", and jump to less conclusions about people, than when I joined up. Haven't matured any, though ;-) Kristine is off the charts. A real Aeon old-schooler.

-- Inu (, June 24, 2002.

Its interesting to consider the people who frequent discussion boards but do not post. It sure can be a heck of a lot of fun to read through threads like the the ones on this board. Commenting on and invoking discussion when able is also a heck of a lot of fun for me to. The beauty of discussing via forums on the internet is that words neednt be so prompt. Less inhibitions to worry over :).

Just in case, the Sam at the top of this thread is me.

-- Sam (, June 24, 2002.

i'm 17 and i founded aeon flux back in 95. this thread is cool 'cause its a web page that is actually in real time which means their are aeon flux fans still around posting on message boards... if any of you guys feel like some aeon chat, uh, just email me.. haha..

-- dave (, June 29, 2002.

I'm 20, but I first saw AEon Flux when it was on Liquid Television when I was maybe 12 years old. I think being exposed to something so cool at such a tender age warped me...I've had high expectations for all animation ever since.

-- Leah Morris (, July 01, 2002.

I'm 19 going on 20. I first ran across AEon on Liquid Telly, when I was around 12 or 13.

Pretty weird how time goes by so quickly, huh?

-- veroejkl (, July 28, 2002.

Well, I'm 28 and first saw Aeon on Liquid Television also. I've always been an animation fan, and LTV was about the best thing that MTV ever did. I was SO excited when AF moved to the half hour episodes, and even more pissed off when it was canceled. I have to agree with Barb e:

" The Flux audience is a phenomenon the statisticians should be paying more attention to. The intelligent public is underestimated by corporate people out there and pandering to the low brow is at an all time high, or should I say low. "

Just take a look at what pushed Aeon off the air... They can do a full length movie on Beavis & Butthead, but we have to scrounge up shorts and episodes here and there? talk about low brow. On another note its great to see people on the forum who are too young to have seen much of the originals. That means that the audience is growing. Hopefully it will grow enough to make it worthwhile for MTV to do something with Aeon Flux BTW all of the lurkers here (like myself) should speak up more often!

-- Buck Dueker (, August 26, 2002.

wow I'm 17, I just found Aeon Flux on Grokster I have all most every epsode except the first half hour one. soon I hope to get the Heroditus file book. You know one thing that I think is funny and realy cool is that, a question as simple as how old are Aeon fans are kinda turned in to a nestalgic look back on how all you hardcore older, not old, fans found it and the loved it ever sence is realy. that is realy cool to me so ya. so i hope that made sence and is spelled right mostly.

-- caleb (, September 07, 2002.

I'm 41 and have been a fan for AEon Flux since I saw it on LTV at some freaky friend of Christina's in 1993 in Milwaukee. But at the time I guess I was only 32. I'm still this teenage Frankenstein trapped in a grown man's body. I'm a total Hollywood freakshow from hell.

Not to mention a total traitor to my own gender (every fkn chance I get)

-- Mark Mars (, September 10, 2002.

I'm 20, I first got into Aeon Flux at the age of 9 ...hehe I'm a nite-time person so I always stayed up to watch Liquid Television on MTV(back in the day when MTV wasn't total crap tv like now haha)

-- PyraNymph (, September 24, 2002.

I'm 26 now. It was about the ninth or tenth grade, I guess, when I first saw Aeon on Liquid Television. So, I guess that would have been about '90 or '91. I thought it was French because of the mumbly sounds the tv reporter made. I liked it, but I didn't really understand it. I think I may have seen a couple of the "second season" shorts, but I sort of lost interest. It wasn't until February of '98 that I really got into the show. I was in a video store, and I saw the first vhs on the shelf. I'd eyed it before, but for some reason I bought it that day. Been a fan ever since. Strange.

-- Dr. Razzmatazz (, October 08, 2002.

I just recently went scoping out my local video stores for Aeon Flux videos, and found the one that most talk about, with Purge and Isthmus Crypticus on it (My personal favorite so far). I am going to be seventeen in eleven days, if that accounts for anything. I started watching Aeon Flux way back, maybe when I was about eleven? And I saw a post way earlier about it being entertaining for children, and something to be mulled over by older people. You are right. I remember a lot of Aeon Flux from when I was younger, but until I started to watch the episodes now, I never got the underlying ideas, or even what was going on. Infact, we've now got a group of Aeon fans here all trying to learn more, my age and younger.

-- Amber (, November 13, 2002.

Damn thats great! I wish I could say the same for here. As far as AF being entertaining for kids goes, I'm sure it would be, the show IMO conjours up atmospheres comparable to the best of em. There's something very alive about it all.

-- Sam (, November 13, 2002.

18 in a week.

i first saw aeon flux when i was 8, maybe, 10? but i didnt acully "see" it... more like, stared at it, without realy understanding it... now im starting to get it more clearly, as i slowly aquire the episodes, one by one.

-- zack the new lurker (, November 19, 2002.

I remember watching it on MTV Liquid Televison. I thought that it was inventive and I liked the idea of a sexy woman that knew how to handle herself. I am looking for my aeon Flux........

-- (, January 26, 2003.

I'm 18, AF remains the the greatest achievement in animation I've witnessed thus far.

-- Tristan Masongray (, April 06, 2003.

Looking at this makes me realize just how lazy my brain has become. I used to love to really delve into the minute details of this show. That was back in the days before college. I was 13 or 14 I think, when I first saw it. Oh how I though it would have been cool to see the episodes leading up to this "climax episode" where the old leader is murdered and a new leader takes his place. Later to realize that it was a stand alone??!!! How could this stand alone? Wait all the hints nessesary to assemble the back story are in there! I've been watching for 7 or 8 years. My tape collection is torn to shreds 4 eps(old and damaged) out of the 9 I actually got on tape. Oh I'm so sad. This is negative kind of nostalgia. I've posted on the board since 2001 with a massive breaks inbetween posting orgies. I've gone through probably 15 screen names but only one e-mail address.

-- Mark (, April 07, 2003.

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