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I recently purchased an 8x10 Conley large format. For the most part it is a beautiful camera. The only problem is that it needs a new bellows, and I can not find a place to get one. I need help on finding one so that I may have the use of this camera. I would appreciate any info out there on this matter, or anyone who has the bellows they wish to part with. Thank you.

-- Chuck Lintner (, April 17, 2002


I would recommend securing a new replacement. Used bellows are suspect at best. Fortunately, you have several options at your selection for replacement.

I have used Camera Bellows in England and they are fine. I just got a new bellows from Western Bellows in California for my 8x10 Kodak Master and they did a fantastic job. Very good workmanship and very durable. I would recommend them. They are at (909) 980 0606. The Western bellows in my opinion is a bit more durable than the Camera Bellows material they use for the Linhof.

They will need the attachment components from the camera and it takes about two weeks. Good Luck with your new camera.

-- Michael Kadillak (, April 17, 2002.

I can also recommend Camera Bellows in England. They did a good job for me.

I think their site is

Good luck!

-- Kevin Bourque (, April 17, 2002.

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