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I'm attempting to make a standard NTSC VCD (29.970) from a PAL source. I'm frame-serving TMPGenc, and the output looks perfectly fine, but I am noticing what I believe to be interlace problems. Scenes with motion (like a man walking quickly across a room) seem to be a bit fuzzy (almost like there is an aura around the individual)

So, what suggestions do you have for taking a PAL source (25 fps interlaced) to NTSC?



-- Alvin Phillips (, April 17, 2002


TMPGenc is best left alone to encode MPEG. Just because it can change a source' framerate and resolution you can take that as lisence to convert AVIs for PAL playback into MPEGs for NTSC playback. There are other s/w dedicated to this like interpret motion feature in Premiere, or a freeware utility Frame convertor in, or a program from, all specifically designed to change framerate. After this step u can encode with TMPGenc in the now changed framerate more successfully. A lot of money, millions$ probably, goes around perfecting the art of video systems conversion, s/w and h/w, as I've mentioned with the programs above as well professional boxes from such pro-equipment maker Snell & Wilcox, etc and more consumer approaches like those sold by TMPGenc is freeware; one should not expect it to excel at anything more than its superb MPEG encoding abilities.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, April 20, 2002.

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