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RCHS is a great idea ! Were there any reefers, privately owned by fish or seafood houses (e.g. Islamorada Seafood Co., Key West Seafood,...), that were shipped to northern destinations, over the ACL or SAL during the 30's-40's?

-- Rick Walls (, April 17, 2002


Thanks, please avail yourself of the board to whatever extent you wish. As to your question, none of the books I have registers or photos reference any such cars during this time period. You might recall that the "billboard" era was brought to a close by the ICC by then and such individualized company cars were long gone...their shipments now being made through the services of Fruit Growers Express.

Anyone else?

-- Buck Dean (, April 17, 2002.

I agree with Buck. I checked my Jan 1953 copy of the ORER, and found no "seafood" reefers. Also, I'm not sure that (during that time period) there was much long distance shipping of seafood. It probably was more regional, and any thing that was shipped more than a couple of hundred miles went by express reefer.

-- Bill Parks (, April 19, 2002.

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